Student Organizations Policy

This policy establishes the authority for forming and managing student organizations at the University of West Florida.

University Policy SA-22.03-05/15

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are formed by any group of students currently enrolled at UWF sharing a common interest and/or goal and are entirely student run.  RSOs are the purest form of student involvement on UWF’s campus.  RSOs categories of distinction include: Advocacy & Service, Culture- or Identity-Based, Faith-or Belief-Based, Honor Society, Professional or Academic, and Special Interest.

Departmental Student Organizations (DSOs) function as a part of a University department and serve to carry out the mission of that department. Student organizations are considered Departmental organizations if either of the following apply:

  • Funds allocated to the organization by the SGA are distributed to the sponsoring department, not the organization.

  • The organization’s advisor is designated by the sponsoring department, and advises the organization as part of his or her official duties and responsibilities.

  • They must share a common purpose or function with the sponsoring department.

  • They must be student-led, and have the autonomy to make decisions related to their purpose.

  • They may not be involved in political or religious activities or projects for private gain.

Recognized Fraternities or Sororities are organizations registered within Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Fraternity & Sorority Life recognizes the Inter/National Fraternities and Sororities on UWF’s campus.  The University of West Florida fraternities and sororities encourage academic excellence, ethical leadership, collaboration, personal development, and stewardship among its members.  All recognized fraternities and sororities fall under the purview of Fraternity & Sorority Life and therefore must follow the Fraternity & Sorority Life policies and procedures.

Registered Sport Clubs are one component of six program areas of Recreation & Wellness at UWF. Sport clubs promote opportunities for students to engage in sporting events, competitions, and activities in the state of Florida, the Southeast, and the United States. The sport club program at UWF is designed to offer students the opportunity to participate in organized instructional, recreational, and competitive activities. University of West Florida Sport Clubs are organizations registered within the Department of Recreation and Sports Services formed by students with a common interest in a physical sport activity that exist to promote and develop interest in that particular activity. The group has joined together and organized to further their interest and enjoyment in this activity as well as promote the mission and values of the department in an athletic manner.