Zeta Psi Eta going strong in 20th year

April 19, 2017 | Cayla Miraglia

Zeta Psi Eta recently celebrated its 20th anniversary at UWF.
Zeta Psi Eta recently celebrated its 20th anniversary at UWF.

Zeta Psi Eta member Britiny Vetitoe offers sound advice for students who want to get involved at UWF but don’t know how: Look at the tabling going on around campus, find the things that interest you, and keep trying until you find something that sticks and makes you feel at home.

That's how she became a part of Zeta Psi Eta, for which she now serves as pledge educator. Britiny describes Zeta Psi Eta as a local sorority founded at UWF in 1997. She said the organization operates similarly to Greek organizations but is classified as a Registered Student Organization. 

“We stand for sisterhood above all else — just to have that sense of family and community, just that safe environment for people to feel like home, when they might not feel like home anywhere else,” she said.

The organization recently marked its 20th anniversary with a formal and invited alumni and founders to help celebrate the milestone. “This is a really big deal for us since most local sororities don't make it 20 years,” Britiny said. “We are really small. We only have 15 sisters and 4 pledges this semester, so we are a small organization, but we still count as a student organization.”

Britiny said group members try to do everything they can to stay involved and active around campus. “We go to major school events such as Blizzard Bash and Argopalooza. We try to do as much as we can, and we try to do what we can very well,” she said.

As Zeta Psi Eta's pledge educator, Britiny enjoys seeing the contributions of the organization's newest members. “The way that they're so active and already excited to learn about our organization inspires me," she said. "Their drive to do their pledge program to the best of their ability is great, and seeing them so excited makes me and all the other sisters so excited to be involved in this sorority as well.”

Britiny said that being involved with Zeta Psi Eta has changed her life for the better. Before she joined, she said, she was very shy and didn’t get involved on campus. It wasn’t until she saw that Zeta Psi Eta was recruiting that she attended recruitment week, where she instantly felt a connection.

“Since joining, I have come out of my shell a lot more," she said. "I started getting these leadership positions, and because of that, I started to become a little more confident. I feel like I can now go into situations and handle it better. Being involved with all the things we do on campus, I'm having more fun, and it made me love UWF more.”

Britiny encourages students interested in joining Zeta Psi Eta to be on the lookout for posters advertising the group's recruitment week, which is held at the start of each semester. She said her organization is always excited to hear from potential new members.

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