BCM 'like family' for org president

January 11, 2017 | Cayla Miraglia

Baptist Collegiate Ministries President Quinton Englebright sits onstage at the Baptist Student Center, where BCM meets on campus.
Baptist Collegiate Ministries President Quinton Englebright

Baptist Collegiate Ministries’ mission statement is “To know God and make Him known,” and UWF student Quinton Englebright strives to live by this statement. Quinton, a psychology major and president of BCM, said student involvement is important to his Registered Student Organization (RSO). “We want to reach out to students in any possible way and meet their needs,” he said. “We want to not just pull students in — we want to reach out to them,” he said.

As president, Quinton said that seeing other students’ passion for being involved in BCM is inspiring. “Being able to oversee students being involved is super encouraging, because I once was in that position of wanting to do everything,” he said.

Quinton said BCM averages about 110 attendees at its weekly Crash meetings, held Thursday nights at the Baptist Student Center on campus. The meeting is free and open to all and includes a live worship band and guest speakers. “To be involved in this organization, race, religion, gender, does not matter to us,” Quinton said. “BCM is an organization to help students find their way in college life while meeting great friends along the way.”

On Tuesdays, the organization hosts the Crash Cafe lunch for students and staff. The cafe event is free for first-time attendees, then $2 for students and $3 for staff. Even though Crash events are BCM’s most well-known activities, the group also plans campus and community outreach events. One of the most popular events featured guest speaker Rice Broocks, author of the book “God's Not Dead,” which was also made into a film.

For Quinton, being a part of BCM has been a meaningful experience. “BCM is not just an organization,” he said. “It is not just a Christian group. For me, it has been more of a family, especially being away from home, being a part of this — they treat you like family.”

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