Applied Leadership Course

The Applied Leadership Development—Leadership in Student Organizations course is an exciting opportunity for student leaders to come together in an academic setting where they can gain leadership and personal development skills that they can apply to their organizations and personal life.

SLS 3273: Applied Leadership Development

The Leadership in Student Organizations section will be offered in Fall 2016

Course Description/Overview

This course is designed to supplement and enhance students’ leadership and personal development skills and knowledge through consideration of the topic in an applied setting.  Through readings, discussions, and assignments, students will apply leadership theories and practices learned in the course to real-world situations and contexts.

Course Format

SLS 3273: Applied Leadership Development utilizes a case-study and simulation-based format, engaging students in simulated leadership challenges in groups and as individuals.  Students’ responses to case study assignments will be evaluated based on use of concepts and principles discussed in class and in course materials, and will have ongoing, cumulative effects on the simulation.  This use of realistic consequences provides a vital element to our exploration of leadership applications in real-world conditions.

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