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Involvement with imPACT

imPACT is an involvement framework to help UWF students get the most out of their UWF experience. ImPACT indentifies four areas of focus for student involvement: Prepare, Achieve, Connect and Thrive.

About the imPACT model

The imPACT model should help you identify involvement opportunities and develop positive experiences during your time at UWF. You might find that some opportunities touch on more than one of the four aspects imPACT highlights, or you might find that your schedule does not allow for you to be involved in programs that include all aspects at all times. That's OK. Think of the imPACT model as a tool that will help you create a meaningful involvement experience for you as an individual. Involvement experiences as a whole should help you:

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Your involvement in co-curricular programming should provide opportunities for you to gain skills and knowledge, discover your interests and passions, and expand your professional network.

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Campus involvement should benefit your academic performance. Consider your academic readiness and demands when making involvement decisions. Many involvement opportunities have academic requirements, so keep those grades up!

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Be intentional about getting involved in ways that connect you to the right people. Want to meet fellow students? Consider exploring student employment opportunities, or joining student organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life or Sport Clubs. Want to feel more connected to UWF? Attend campus events — see the UWF Calendar and the ArgoPulse Events Calendar — or explore Recreation and Wellness opportunities, such as Outdoor Adventures trips.

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Remember that you can only do your best if you are at your best. Get involved in ways that promote your physical, mental, spiritual and financial well-being. Take advantage of Counseling and Psychological Services and other resources to maintain your wellness. Challenges can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to face them on your own. 

Involvement tips

Consider these five things as you weigh involvement opportunities through the lens of the imPACT model:

  • Consider how much time you are able and willing to commit to an organization, and ask about participation and financial requirements before joining.
  • Ask current members what they like most about their organization.
  • Consider which imPACT domain is most important to you (Prepare, Achieve, Connect, Thrive), and consider opportunities through this lens.
  • Reflect on past experiences that have been beneficial to you. 
  • Be willing to step out of your comfort zone — most organization members were not active in similar organizations before college.