What is Argo Camp?

Argo Camp is a supplementary orientation program designed for the incoming freshman class. We offer a three-day, two-night experience in August where students will be given the opportunity to establish life-long friendships and build social networks with their peers, currently-enrolled UWF students, and professional faculty and staff who provide an experience unlike any other at UWF!

Argo Camp: Lead

Lead is a three-day, two-night experience at Camp Timpoochee, a 4-H camp in Niceville. You will learn how to get involved on campus and become a peer leader at UWF. Activities include the Aloha Argos late-night dance party, a no-talent talent show, a skit competition and much more!

Cost of Argo Camp: Lead $175 

Argo Camp: Explore

Canoe down a local river, camp on the riverbank and chat over a campfire as you roast marshmallows with your new friends. UWF Outdoor Adventures will provide transportation, canoes, camping equipment, food and instruction. No experience is required!

Cost of Argo Camp: Explore $125 


Argo Camp: Serve

Serve will provide you the opportunity to help people in need while making new connections with your peers. You will travel to an off-site location to participate in service experiences geared toward community outreach and city beautification. Student mentors will lead reflection activities and share Argo Camp traditions and their special meanings.

Cost of Argo Camp: Serve $175 


Argo Camp 2018 registration is now open! Please follow this link to register! 


Questions about Argo Camp? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions list.

Argo Camp Staff

Meet our staff! Argo Camp is a program for students led by students.

Rosheen Blackmon, Argo Camp Participant

"Argo camp was really influential because it made me see different views of different people. It has prepared me for college and it gave me a chance to meet new people amidst the awkwardness when coming to college alone. The statement Argo Camp has "Come as many, leave as one," was really fulfilled for me."

Breanne Ponack, Argo Camp Participant

"For everyone, going to college is a milestone in life. This is an interesting time for young people. It's a transition from being right in the middle of adolescence where you are considered an adult, but don't have too many responsibilities. To hiking your way up to the tippy top of this seemingly never ending mountain of adolescence, where all of a sudden you are supposed to know how to be an adult. This abrupt change is especially true for freshman. Me being a student coming from out of state, I didn't know a single soul. Upon attending orientation, I decided in order to flourish when fall semester rolled around, that I would go to Argo camp. This by far, was the best decision I possibly could've made for myself as an incoming freshman. The people I met here continue to aid me in my college experience and push me to be the best version of myself. I got the inside scoop about the University that I wouldn't have otherwise known without Argo camp. As a result, I am now happily involved on campus and am returning as an Argo camp counselor and Orientation leader this summer. I will encourage students at Orientation to highly consider attending Argo camp with an open mind and heart. The excitement surrounding this is indescribable, as I am hopefully going to be as positively influential as my former counselors. GO ARGOS!"