Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to Argo Camp?

Argo Camp occurs before fall semester classes at UWF and it is a great way to kick off your college career. At Argo Camp, students will interact with current UWF students in a relaxed, communal environment, meet faculty from various departments, and learn about campus life at UWF. Statistics show that students who attend Argo Camp are more likely to be engaged on campus and connect with other students. Argo Camp is safe space for students to discuss and process the anticipation, and sometimes fear, of the transition from high school to college.  After attending Argo Camp, the goal is for students to leave with a network of friends before even starting your first semester at UWF!

What happens at Argo Camp?

At Argo Camp, students learn about the history and traditions at UWF. There will be various socials, a skit competition, team-building and community building exercises, a relay race, meals, snacks, and free time. We also have a lot of fun surprises for you during Argo Camp! There are always things to do at Argo Camp!

Each track has unique offerings so no two experiences are the same!

When is Argo Camp?

Argo Camp Lead and Serve are August 21-23, 2018. 

Argo Camp Explore is August 22-23, 2018.

Where is Argo Camp?

Argo Camp:Tradition is held at Camp Timpoochee, a 4-H Camp located at 4750 Timpoochee Lane Niceville, FL 32578.

Argo Camp:Service will be leaving the Pensacola area. Exact location will be announce soon.

Argo Camp:Outdoor Adventure will be a camping experience along the Escambia River.


Who can attend?

First time in college (FTIC) students who went through an on-campus orientation and will attend UWF in the fall semester may attend Argo Camp.

How much does Argo Camp cost?

Argo Camp 2018 Prices:

Argo Camp: Lead $175

Argo Camp: Serve $175

Argo Camp Explore: $125


When can I move into my residence hall room?

Students attending Argo Camp traditionally move into their residence halls the day before their camp begins.

Can my parents come to Argo Camp?

As much as we wish parents could attend, Argo Camp is for FTIC students only.

What happens when I return to campus?

There are many things to do on campus after we return from Argo Camp. Argo Arrival festivities last until the end of the first week of classes. Argo Camp counselors and fellow campers will also be on campus. 

When and where do we check-in for Argo Camp?

Please check back for details about Argo Camp 2018 check-in. 

How can I confirm that I am registered for Argo Camp?

After you have completed the registration form in linked in our home page, you will receive an invoice from Argo Camp. In order to fully reserve your spot at Argo Camp, payment must be received in full. To find out if we received your registration and/or liability forms, please contact us by phone at 850.474.3155 or by email at To find out if your payment went through, please contact the Cashier’s Office by phone at 850.474.3035. Make sure you have your student ID number handy.

What do I need to bring to Argo Camp?

Twin size sheets
Pillow and blanket or sleeping bag
Comfortable clothes for 4 days (in case it rains one day)
Comfortable footwear (flip flops and tennis shoes)
Beach towel and shower towel
Swim Suits
Water Shoes (water shoes are required if you plan to get in the water)
Bug Spray
Reusable Water Bottle
A luau/Hawaiian themed outfit
Shower shoes
Medication (if needed)
Excitement, smiles, and a good attitude!

Items to leave at home:
Money (everything is included within your payment)
Alcohol/illegal substances
Any other valuables you do not want to lose at camp (iPods, laptops, etc). Argo Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen possessions.

How do I know if there is a spot for me at Argo Camp?

If you do not hear anything from the Argo Camp staff within a week of submitting your registration form, please contact us at 850.474.3155. We will notify you via e-mail or phone call when we are at full capacity and/or if you are on the waiting list.

Will I receive anything from the Argo Camp staff after I have submitted my registration form in ArgoPulse, liability form, and paid my invoice?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation closer to the camp date with detailed information on to what to bring.

Does the witness signature on the liability form have to be notarized?

No, the witness signature can be signed by whomever is present when the form is completed.

I am no longer coming to Argo Camp. Am I eligible to receive a refund?

Argo Camp Refund Policy: If you are no longer coming to Argo Camp, please send an email to with your name, student ID number, and reason for cancellation. In order to receive a full refund, we must have written documentation explaining your cancellation. If you cancel after August 1st, you will receive half of the original payment (Lead and Serve - $87.50, Explore $62.50). If you cancel after August 15th, you will not be aligible for a refund.

I still have questions! Who do I contact?

Anna Brault 
Argo Camp Student Director

Jenny Hamilton
Argo Camp Staff Advisor