Our Mission

Student Involvement fosters students’ development, connection to the campus community and collegiate success by providing a range of programs, services and opportunities supportive of an engaging and dynamic campus life.

Student Involvement Goals 

  • Foster students' employability skills development.
  • Promote students' retention and persistence to graduation.

Student Involvement Values 

  • Stewardship: We honor the monetary, physical, human and environmental resources with which we are entrusted.
  • Innovation: We leverage creativity, current technology and industry knowledge for the benefit of our students and community.
  • Student benefit: We hold as primary the learning, growth, success and positive experience of students.
  • Collaboration: We work hand-in-hand with student, campus and community partners in service of our mission.
  • Informed Practice: We are knowledgeable about our work, rely on evidence in decision-making and program design, and utilize proven pedagogical practice to advance students’ learning and development.