Immunization Documentation Procedure

Students are requested to submit their immunization documentation at least three (3) weeks prior to registration.

Photo of a health care professional documenting something

Have a health care provider complete the UWF Mandatory Immunization Health History Form‌‌ as instructed in the document and return to Student Health Services (SHS) via:

  • Drop Off: Drop the form in the Immunizations box near the front entrance of the Student Wellness Center (Building 960).
  • Email:
  • Fax: (850) 857-6100
  • Mail: University of West Florida, 11000 University Pkwy, Building 960 - Suite 106, Pensacola, Florida, 32514

The form will be reviewed and determined to be complete or not by our staff. Please note that, due to high volume, it may take up to one week to process your form. Students will not be cleared to register for classes until all immunization requirements have been met.

  • If the form is complete, the student will be cleared and can register for classes during orientation.
  • If the form is missing or contains inaccurate information, the student will see a "hold" on their UWF account, making them unable to register for classes. The hold will remain until the form has been received and/or all immunization deficiencies are corrected.

Need further information about your form? First, please check your MyUWF account to see if your holds have been cleared. Log in, search for "Immunization Status", and click the "View Holds" link to view the status of your holds, if any. Should you have specific questions about your form or holds, contact SHS at (850) 474-2172.

Important Things to Remember

Email is not a secure form of communication and transmission. Due to the confidential nature of health information, Student Health Services cannot respond to students via email. Please call us at 850-474-2172 if you have questions related to immunizations.

If you are having trouble gathering all required immunization records, check out these Tips for Locating Old Immunization Records. If you still cannot get all the required records, you may wish to obtain new vaccinations. As an alternative, you can request a blood titer for MMR and for Hepatitis B that will confirm your immune status. See Immunization Fees for the cost of these titers.

Always include your UWF Student ID number on all correspondence. SHS is unable to locate records without this unique number.

Email/Fax/Mail ONLY the single page of records (and lab reports as needed). Sending a record with instruction sheets and/or cover pages, or sending the same record multiple times may delay processing time, which may affect your ability to register for classes.