Laboratory Tests

Many laboratory tests which may be required for diagnosis and treatment can be performed at Student Health Services at a reasonable cost.

Photo of test tubes

Labs will be drawn from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call (850) 474-2172, option 1, to make an appointment for your labs.

Unless you have a follow-up appointment, the nurses or providers will call you with results. Please allow 2-5 business days for your results. When you call for results please be advised that we will require you to provide your Student ID# in order to verify your identity and protect your privacy.

Tests Performed at SHS
Strep Test $3
Mono Test $7
Urine Pregnancy Test $4
Urinalysis $2
Finger-stick blood glucose $2

SHS contracts with an outside laboratory to provide a variety of other laboratory tests for students at a significantly reduced price. Please contact SHS for more information.