Student Health Insurance

The University of West Florida does not require proof of insurance (with some specific exceptions) nor does Student Health Services bill insurance for services provided, but we highly recommend that students have coverage.

Health Insurance

If you need to be referred to a specialist and/or need diagnostic testing that we do not offer, it is very helpful to have insurance to help cover those costs.

If you are on your parents' healthcare plan, make sure that you have "away from home" coverage if you do not live locally. You will need a copy of their insurance card and a copy of their prescription card if applicable.

If you are not otherwise covered, you should consider purchasing a health insurance policy from an established provider. One option is to purchase health insurance through the Florida State University System Student Health Insurance Consortium. The consortium was formed to provide a larger pool of participants in order to offer better and more affordable coverage to students.

New and returning UWF students can enroll in the State University System of Florida Student Health Insurance Plan, as well as create and manage their account online.