Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Candidates for President and Vice President for 2014-2015. Candidates are listed alphabetically, each President and corresponding VP are on one ticket.

ethan friedland

President - Ethan Friedland

Throughout his life, Ethan Friedland has constantly endeavored to improve himself and those surrounding him. He loves assisting others and that is what initiated his involvement with Student Government. Since his freshmen year, Mr. Friedland has been a dedicated member of the organization and has never given anything less than 100%. He began as an active senator and a strong member of the Rules and Statutes Committee; his passion and enthusiasm constantly radiated. His sophomore year was full of betterment and self-reflection. Mr. Friedland remained involved with Senate and continued to assist draft important. During his second term, Mr. Friedland was awarded Senator of the Month by Senate President Amy Bueno. He quickly realized he was not fulfilling his full potential. Mr. Friedland finished out his second consecutive term in the Senate and decided to leave the Legislative Branch. After leaving the Legislative Branch, he applied for a position in the Executive Branch. The position he applied for was the Director of Governmental Affairs, the head of the Office of Governmental Affairs.

Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, Mr. Friedland traveled to numerous universities with the Student Government President. Throughout the course of the year, he was able to see what programs and ideas other universities had about improving their respective Student Governments. Mr. Friedland was able to grasp a better understanding of what UWF’s Student Government lacked. “Not many people know about our Student Government and that has been an ongoing issue within our organization”, Mr. Friedland quotes. He explains that we need to begin to shift the way our organization operates in order to achieve it’s full potential. Mr. Friedland believes the way Student Government operates now does not provide enough visibility or transparency to the Student Body and that is not the way the organization should be operating. If elected, Ethan Friedland will change the format of the organization to cater to the needs of the students in which it was designed to serve. Ethan Friedland strongly supports “Empowering Students, Encouraging Students”.

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY - Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

devonte wilson

Vice President - Devonte Wilson

Devonte Wilson is the perfect candidate for Student Government Vice President. He understands the importance of student input and why it is integral to your Student Government Association’s excellence. With his experience in the Student Outreach Committee, President of the Beta Beta Phi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Vice President of the African American Association, and a Resident Assistant with Housing and Residence Life for the past two years. Devonte Wilson knows what works and what is effective when it comes to hearing the voice of the students. He also knows that in a time of transition for the university, stability in leadership is vital. Devonte Wilson strongly supports "Empowering Students, Encouraging Success".

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY- Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

tyler placeres

President - Tyler Placeres

Tyler Placeres (22) is a senior Communications major here at the University of West Florida. After getting to UWF, he immediately made an impact on campus by joining his Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, and the Voyages Leadership Development. From there, he decided to apply and eventually become apart of the 2012 New Student Orientation staff and a member of Argo Camp all in the same Summer. He than began to diversify himself by joining University Student Ambassadors and InterFraternal Council as Vice President of Programming, which is the governing board of all the IFC Chapters on campus. While also becoming the Candidate Educator for Sigma Alpha Mu all within two years at West Florida.

Since then he took a second term on IFC Executive Board as Executive Vice President and on his Fraternities Executive Board as Fraternity Exchequer. This past year Tyler also became a member of SGA, joining the Judicial Branch as a Supreme Court Justice. Tyler's knowledge about the University is unparalleled and can always be seen walking around the commons, gym, or in the Communications Department Building. Tyler has been across the US, traveling to UIFI (Under Graduate InterFraternity Institute) as an attendee, AFLV (American Fraternal Leaders and Values) conference twice, Leadership Gauntlet, NODA (National Orientation Directors Association), and everywhere in-between. Tyler is an Argonaut for life and loves UWF and everything it has to offer.

Platform: Your Voice. Our Purpose.

ty bennett

Vice President - Ty Bennett

Ty Bennett (22) is a junior Psychology major here at the University of West Florida. He has lived in the Pensacola area for 22 years. He attended Pace High School and was apart of numerous student organizations. Here at UWF he was apart of New Student Orientation for two years as an Orientation Leader and a Returning Orientation Leader. Ty has been part of the Student Government Association for four years. With-in those four years he as resumed to roles of Freshmen Committee member, Student Relations Senator (Student Outreach Committee), Student Organization Liaison and Budget and Allocations Senator. He is versed in the Student Body Constitution Statutes and Bylaws and the Activities and Service Fee Manual. Other student organizations include: Argo Camp, Argo Link, and Dance Marathon. He has attended Leadershape and the Leadership Gauntlet as a participant and facilitator. Ty loves UWF and is very proud to be an Argonaut.