College of Arts and Sciences Senatorial Candidates

Candidates for College of Arts and Sciences senators for 2014-2015. Candidates are listed alphabetically.

abdulaziz alanazi

Abdulaziz Alanazi

My name is Abdulaziz Alanazi, a sophomore at UWF studying Electrical Engineering. I love interacting with people and bringing a smile on their faces. If I am elected as the College of Arts and Sciences Senator, I will be a voice for the students; I will listen to their concerns and do my best to work for them. I am dedicated to fighting for more funding for educational programs and lowering student fees such as taxi cab rates and meal pricing. I believe in diversity and will promote it on campus, as well as encouraging students to study abroad to gain a broader perspective of life.

maxwell curtis

Maxwell Curtis

I am a student with interest in working for the benefit of a student body. The experience I have with communication as well as leadership through the years of film experience as well as various workshops I have attended will make my interests achievable. My main incentive to become a senator is to write policies that can let the Student Government Association best represent the school's constituents.

Platform: To work on representing the students' interests as well as implementing actions that would be deemed necessary and useful by a student majority.

Hakeem Douglas

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY- Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

collin edwards

Collin Edwards

My name is Collin Edwards and I am a freshman at the University of West Florida. I have tackled diversity and experience by moving 9 times in my life to various locations all across the US including California, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, and many other states. I have gone through all of these moves by being the son of a decorated military officer of a father who has a record exceeding 30 years in service. I’ve meet a lot of people and have had the opportunity to experience many things. I’ve gained organizational skills over time as well as the ability to make friends on the spot. Upon coming to the University of West Florida, I have become a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, got involved with off campus activities such as a job, and have maintained a GPA above a 3.0 while doing these things. In my off time I enjoy surfing, longboarding, fishing, and overall just living the salt life. You’ll never find me inside on a sunny day!

Platform: If elected as senator, I promise to strive to create more campus activities for incoming freshman, lower tuition costs, lower the excessive credit bill, and overall make the college a better environment for the student body as a whole.

jonah griego

Jonah Griego

Looking to not only inform students on what the Student Government Association does here at the University of West Florida, but get the constituents involved in the process. As Senators we have the responsibility of representing our constituents to the best of our abilities and I feel this has been an issue in the past. Rather than making SGA a "clique" we must involve all that are hard working students, Using all resources available to me I plan on making sure that the student body is not just a seldom seen crowd, but rather a force that has opinions and is knowledgeable of the day to day workings of Student Government.

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY - Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

taja harris

Taja Harris

While as a Freshman I have been embraced by this campus as if it were my family and now it is time for me to give back. My experience as the Student Government Association's Freshman Chair has allowed me develop leadership skills that will best serve this community. From Greek life to the Campus Activity Board, all students will be well represented through my efforts as your senator. I will continue to work hand and hand with this university's most influential student leaders to better our campus and inspire Argonaut Pride.

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY - Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

jacob hebert

Jake Hebert

Jake Hebert is a Sophomore studying Computer Science. In his two years at UWF he has been involved in numerous organizations including Honors Council, UWF Rotaract, Wesley Fellowship, Community Council, and RHA. He has also held several positions, such as founding President of Rotaract, Mentor in the Honors Program, and Resident Assistant at Pace Hall. 

Through his involvement, Jake has seen how successful organizations function, and how unsuccessful organizations function. He has seen that in order to have a successful body, all must contribute and work towards a united purpose. As a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, Jake would maintain his focus on helping generate a united student body, and a campus that encourages togetherness, and works to create a better community.

Platform: The Argo was a ship, and it took a full crew to sail it.

cory hinsch

Cory Hinsch

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY- Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

delikarl jean-baptiste

Delikarl Jean-Baptiste

My name is Delikarl Jean-Baptiste and I am a junior studying Computer Science. This is my second semester here at University of West Florida, since I last transferred from Florida State College at Jacksonville (my hometown). Noticeably I am not native born, for I was originally born in Gonaives, Haiti in 1993. I and my family came here looking for better opportunity, which made me more appreciative of the little things.

I consider myself to be extensively culturally diverse. I love to divulge myself in culture and take the initiative to meet new people when opportunity presents itself. I speak, read and write: English, French, and Haitian Creole – currently learning Spanish and Japanese. I am a very engaged and diligent student. I have dedicated 4 years in Track & Field, 3 years in Cross Country and 2 years in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) in high school. In these field, I have learned disciplinary, people and disciplinary skills. The aforementioned skills adjuncts to my proficiency of problem solving, money management, public speaking and computer skills.

Platform: No voice is too small, vote for me and I shall hear them all.

darius perkins

Darius Perkins

My name is Darius Perkins and I am a junior at the University of West Florida. I am a Communication Arts major with a minor in Legal Studies. I am a member of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and also the secretary of the Beta Beta Phi chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. I am running to become an SGA senator because I am eager to represent students with the same interest as I do.

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY- seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.

winston riley

Winston Riley

I'm an electrical engineering major and I'm in the honors program as well SGA freshman committee and math association.

Platform: I will strive to help anyone and everyone I can because I enjoy helping others.

christopher thrasher

Christopher Thrasher

If elected, I hope to run for the Budget & Allocations Committee Chair position. I served as the Budget & Allocations Committee Chair during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 terms. I worked to make the process of obtaining funds from SGA easier to understand and easier to access for students. The past two years have been difficult for this committee due to a decrease in available Activity and Service Fee funding resulting from changes to the amount of financial aid available for summer courses and a decrease in total credit hours taken by students. This trend of decreasing funding may continue into the next fiscal year. If it does, SGA will benefit from having someone with my experience to train and lead the next Budget & Allocations Committee.

I have been a part of SGA for four years. I served as a Finance Committee senator, the Senate President Pro Tempore, the interim Senate President, and as a Freshmen Committee Co-Chair. I work hard and invest a significant amount of my time in SGA, striving to make the greatest positive impact on this organization that I can. I have the experience necessary to serve the student body effectively. I am majoring in Telecommunications and Film, and History. I will be starting grad school this summer. I hope to use all of the experience I have gained to positively impact our campus.

Platform: Committed to excellence.

Robert Vinson

Hello, my name is Robert Vinson. I was born and raised here in Pensacola. I am a Pre-Law/Political Science major with expectations of entering the world of politics. This year I was selected to be a member of the Student Government Freshman Committee that offered a great learning experience for networking, school, and professional behavior. I was initiated into the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, where I hold several positions as the Beta Gamma Judiciary representative, Greek Week Delegate, and formerly IFC delegate. I am a member of the World Affairs Organization and a delegate on the Model United Nations team. I am very involved all around campus even in intermural leagues. I played on two flag football teams this past fall and I am currently playing for the ATO soccer team. I use the campus gym and aquatic center very regularly as well as the library. I am a member of the Legacy party and look forward to leaving my own legacy on campus.

Platform: THE LEGACY PARTY- Seeking to increase campus pride, promote university tradition, and enhance student unity.