Student Government Association

SGA Mission

The Student Government Association is founded on providing a cohesive and unified voice for the student body of the University of West Florida. Our role is to advance UWF's Mission and Vision by fulfilling the Goals of SGA through communicating the needs of students to the University's administration and the local, state, and federal government.

2015-2016 A&S Fees Annual Budget Requests

Registered Student Organizations and departments can now submit the 2016-2017 A&S Fees Annual Budget Request packet to the SGA office (building 22, room 227). All requests must be submitted by Wednesday, December 16, 2014 at 5:00pm.

2016-2017 A&S Fee Annual Budget Request Memo

2016-2017 A&S Fee Annual Budget Request Packet

2016-2017 A&S Fee Annual Budget Presentation Schedule 

For more A&S Fee documents, please click or tap the pie chart.

Green Fee Proposals

SGA and the Student Environmental Action Society (SEAS) are looking for students, faculty, and staff to propose sustainable initiatives for Green Fee projects. The UWF Green Fee is collected fund projects that energy efficient and promote sustainable practices on campus. Please use this link to submit a proposal! The deadline for proposals is November 7, 2015.

Please contact Allee Millsap, SGA Director of Governmental Affairs, with any questions:, or call the SGA Office. 

Grant Request and Organization Disbursement Forms

Grant Request Form

SGA Spending Disbursement Form

Weekly Meetings

Come to any SGA meeting and give your input! All of our meetings are open to the public.

SGA Staff Meetings - Wednesdays at 3:00pm, SGA Office

Executive Committee - Fridays at 11:00am, UC 265

SGA Senate - Fridays at 2:30pm, UC Auditorium


SGA Committee Meetings

Rules and Statutes Committee- Thursdays at 1:00pm, SGA Office

Student Outreach Committee - Fridays at 1:00pm, UC 268

University Outreach Committee - Fridays at 1:00pm, UC 272

Budget and Allocations Committee - Fridays 1:00pm, UC 265 (by appointment)

Freshman Committee - Fridays at 1:00pm, UC 260

SGA Annual Report

2013-2014 annual report cover page

Annual Report

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