Suspension of Services Policy

The SDRC staff works together with the student to determine services needed and how to best meet those needs. The SDRC office works to ensure that accommodations are both timely and appropriate. The relationship between the SDRC office and the student is a cooperative one. Each entity is expected to adhere to the terms of agreement.

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Students are expected to demonstrate responsible use of SDRC services while the SDRC office is expected to provide those services efficiently and effectively. When either of the two fails to do what they are expected to do, rules of engagement and the consequences of not acting appropriately come into play. For the student, this means that services may be suspended or terminated for failure to comply with written service provision guidelines.

SDRC service provision guidelines are outlined below.

Note Taking Service

  • Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and to take notes to the best of their ability. If SDRC is informed by an instructor or note taker that a student has not attended class, the student will be contacted regarding class absences. Services to students who accumulate three notices will be suspended pending a meeting with the Director.
  • Students are expected to pick up notes from the SDRC office weekly. Those who accumulate three reminders to pick up notes during a semester will have services suspended.
  • Notes are for students' use only. They are not to be duplicated and distributed to others. If SDRC is informed that the student has distributed copies of his or her notes, the student will be given one written warning. If the student continues to distribute notes after the warning, services will be suspended pending a meeting with the Director.
  • Students should not ask the note taker for additional services such as tutoring. If note takers inform SDRC that additional services have been requested from them, a meeting with the student will be requested to reassess accommodations and make appropriate referrals.
  • Students should notify SDRC immediately when:
    • The student has determined that note taking services are not needed for a particular course or if the student has withdrawn from a course for which notes were requested. Failure to notify SDRC can result in suspension pending a meeting with the Director.

Interpretive Services

Missing classes without notifying the Student Disability Resource Center constitutes a financial burden to the University and will result in suspension of interpreter services. Students who accumulate three (3) or more non-emergency no-shows during a given semester will have services suspended for all classes pending a meeting with the SDRC Director to discuss circumstances surrounding the absences. Extenuating circumstances and individual issues will be discussed and final determination for suspension of services and/or reinstatement will be made solely by the Director. Failure to meet and discuss the absences with the Director will result in an immediate suspension of services.

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