Available Accommodations

Prior to receiving academic accommodations, students must complete the registration process with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC). Accommodations are determined case-by-case and are based directly on current documentation of disability and the documented need for the requested accommodation.

White wheelchair on blue background symbol for disability.

Interpretive Services are coordinated by the SDRC office. The SDRC office contracts with local interpretive services agencies to provide certified interpreters for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Students are responsible for contacting the SDRC office if they require interpretive services.

Note: Please do not ask interpreters to adjust their hours. Refer the interpreter to the SDRC office should a schedule adjustment be required.

Physical Access: In some cases provisions may need to be made to classroom space for students with physical disabilities. There may be times when we will have to move the location of a class to ensure physical access for a student with disability.

Specialized tables/chairs: A student with physical disability may require a special desk or chair. SDRC works with the department to ensure the proper accommodations are set up in the classroom for students who are eligible.

Walking Escorts: Student volunteers are recruited to escort students with visual impairments who may need assistance navigating the campus.

Assistive Listening Devices: Students with hearing impairments may require use of listening devices. Some systems may require faculty to wear a transmitter microphone.

Note Taking Services

  • Faculty may be notified at the beginning of each semester of students in class who are eligible for note taking services.
  • Note taking services are meant to be supplemental to the student's own notes. Students who receive note taking services are expected to attend class.
  • Note taking service is a voluntary process where a student in class will provide a copy of his or her notes to the student registered with the SDRC.
  • Instructors may be asked by students or SDRC staff to help solicit a volunteer note taker from the class.
  • In the event a note taker cannot be located for a specific class, there is the potential for an SDRC staff member to attend class to take notes for a student, allow for use of a recorder, or to request a copy of faculty notes.

Download the PDF version of the SDRC "411" Guide