Testing Accommodation Guidelines

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to schedule their exams under the direct supervision of their instructors or their designees. If this is not possible, students may take their exam at SDRC.

Testing in progress sign.

In order for SDRC to provide your instructor with verification of your eligibility for academic accommodation, you must submit the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form each semester.

It is your responsibility to meet with each instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss academic accommodations in the course including appropriate testing accommodations.

If your instructor is not able to provide a space for your testing, you must submit the Test Request Form to SDRC at least five (5) business days prior to the scheduled exam date. SDRC may not be able to accommodate your exam if the request is received after the five day deadline. In this case, you must contact the instructor to make arrangements for your exam. If you submit a request after the deadline, neither SDRC nor the instructor is obligated to provide the accommodations.

When your Test Request Form has been submitted to SDRC, your instructors will be notified and special instructions for the exam will be requested from them.

To access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request and Test Request Forms, login to MyUWF and search for "SDRC Accommodate". This link will take you to the SDRC Accommodate Student Portal, through which you can access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request and Test Request forms.

Exams will be administered at SDRC during the scheduled class time.

If you are unable for any reason to take the exam at the scheduled time, both instructor and SDRC must be notified prior to the scheduled time. If SDRC is not notified or you do not show up for the exam within 20 minutes after the start time, the exam will be returned to the instructor. The SDRC is not responsible for rescheduling exams or determining if an exam may be rescheduled. You must obtain permission from your instructor to reschedule the exam.

You are encouraged to remind your instructors about delivering the exam to SDRC.

SDRC staff will monitor the exams to ensure that the instructor’s guidelines for the exam are followed. Any incidents/evidence of improper test-taking will be reported to the instructor.

Neither the SDRC nor the instructor is obligated to provide the accommodations if student fails to adhere to these procedures.

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