Division Committees

The division has several committees that include a cross-section of student affairs staff, and in some cases, staff outside the division and faculty. Below you will find a list of the committees and chair(s), a brief description of its purpose, and a link to the website, if applicable.

Argo Arrival

Argo Arrival Website

This committee coordinates welcome back events for new and returning students for the first 6 weeks of the Fall semester. Some of the events are planned by departments in which the committee members are housed. Other events are already part of the university's calendar within the first six weeks and are simply incorporated into the calendar as part of the events students can attend.

Chair: Matt Marshall, Director of University Commons and Student Involvement

Committee Members:

  • Ben Stubbs, Associate Director of University Commons and Student Involvement
  • Robin Zimmern, Assistant Dean of SGA
  • Mary Pittman, Sports Facilities Coordinator
  • Eryka Wallace, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator
  • Jenny Hamilton, Coordinator SGA
  • Bill Healey, Director of Recreation Services
  • Alicia Cambron, Assistant Director of Wellness Services
  • Tara Kermiet, Assistant Director for Leadership and Service
  • Jackie Winkelman, Assistant Director for University Commons
  • Lindsay Walk, Career Planning Coordinator
  • Matt McKinney, Assistant Director of Reservations and Conference Services
  • Kenyattah Cox, Service Desk and Administrative Manager UCSI
  • Karli Sherman, Coordinator of Student Activities
  • Melissa Puckett, Coordinator of Marketing and Web Services for UCSI
  • Alesia Ross, Coordinator of Alumni Services


Assessment website

Our assessment efforts are divided into five categories - metrics, program outcomes, learning outcomes, program review and research. The team provides leadership and direction for strategic assessment within the division.

Chair: Sarah Luczyk, Director of Planning and Assessment

Committee Members:

  • Shaun Boren, Associate Director of Recreation
  • Alicia Cambron, Assistant Director of Wellness Services
  • Annina Dahlstrom, Coordinator for Recreation
  • Sarah Fox, Coordinator for Career Services
  • Marcus Graham, Coordinator for Housing & Residence Life

Campus Care Team

A cross-functional group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who review cases of student behavior, consult appropriate experts and provide recommendations and advice to the University administration.

Chair: Dr. Brandon Frye, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Lusharon Wiley, Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Case Management Services; Ombudsperson
  • John Warren, Chief of Campus Police
  • Dr. Rebecca Kennedy, Assistant Vice President and Director of Health, Counseling and Wellness Center
  • Robin Zimmern, Assistant Dean of Students (REMOVE Robin and ADD Evan Springer, Interim Coordinator for Student Conduct)
  • Dr. Ruth Davison, Director of Housing and Residence Life
  • Anita Schonberger, Deputy General Counsel
  • Krista Boren, Associate Director of Residence Life (REMOVE Krista and ADD Rachel Blakesley, Assistant Director of Residence Life)
  • Dr. Jay Clune, (ADD new title: Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Programs)
  • Dr. Vannee Cao Nguyen, Director, Student Disability Resource Center


Homecoming website

A cross-functional group that plans the annual Homecoming celebration for alumni, students, faculty, staff and the Pensacola community.


  • Ben Stubbs, Associate Director for University Commons and Student Involvement
  • Melissa Grace, Director of Alumni Relations

Committee Members:

  • Joseph Spaniola, Faculty Representative
  • Mary Pittman, Recreation Facilities Coordinator
  • Matt Marshall, Director of University Commons and Student Involvement
  • Karli Sherman, Coordinator for Student Activities
  • Brook Pollichichio, Homecoming Advisory Board Representative
  • Tasha Talton, Assistant Director for Student Transition Programs

Leadership Task Force

A team of student affairs professionals who guide events and development opportunities in leadership.


  • Tara Kermiet, Assistant Director of Leadership and Service

Committee Members:

  • Ben Stubbs, University Commons and Student Involvement Representative
  • Robin Zimmern, Dean of Students Representative
  • Lauren Loeffler, Career Services Representative

Lean In Women’s Professional Development and Support

Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In this is a group of staff, faculty and graduate student employees whose purpose is to encourage and support the goal achievement of women at UWF.

​The Lean In meetings are open to women and men across campus.​
Chair: Rebecca Kennedy, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs


The Student Affairs Marketing Committee was created to collaboratively guide departmental and divisional communication initiatives. New and seasoned communicators are welcome to join monthly discussions related to advertising, promotion, graphic design, marketing planning, brand management, public relations, web administration, and social media management. 

  • Annina Dahlstrom, Recreation Services Marketing & Technology Coordinator
  • Amy Little, Housing & Residence Life Assignments & Marketing Coordinator
  • Jason O'Connell, Technology & Web Services Coordinator
  • Melissa Puckett, University Commons & Student Involvement Marketing & Technology Coordinator
  • Mica Hughes-Harrell, Director Wellness Services
  • Greg Dziadon, Director of Testing and Technology
  • Jimmy Orum, Career Services Marketing & Technology Coordinator
  • Marcus Graham, Coordinator for Housing & Residence Life
  • Andrea Skarbecki, Recreation Services Graduate Assistant

Multicultural Competence

A team of student affairs professionals who guide our efforts in developing knowledge, awareness and skill around issues of inclusion.


  • Dr. Lusharon Wiley, Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Case Management Services; Ombudsperson

Committee Members:

  • Tony Nguyen, Assistant Athletic Director
  • Jessica Tweed, Coordinator Greek Affairs
  • Rachel Blakesley, Residence Life Coordinator
  • Shelley Trimm, Associate Director Recreation and Sports Services
  • Jake Marg, Coordinator of Intramural Sports/Clubs

Staff Development

A team of student affairs staff who provide social and educational opportuntities for division staff. The main team is divided into four subcommittees:

Chair: Krista Boren, Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life

Professional Development Sub-committee Co-Chairs: Lauren Loeffler and Robin Zimmern

Social Sub-committee Chair: Karli Sherman, Coordniator for University Common and Student Involvement

Recognition Sub-committee Chair: Jessica Tweed

New Staff Orientation Sub-committee Chair: 


The technology committee provides assistance to staff in the area of web development, training and consultation. The chair also serves as liaison between the division and Information Technology Services.


  • Greg Dziadon, Director of Testing and Technology
  • Jason O'Connell, Technology and Web Services Coordinator

Committee Members:

  • Angela Schiller, SGA Activity and Services Coordinator
  • Annina Dahlstrom, Recreation Services Marketing and Technology Coordinator
  • Regena Bates, ERCCD Program Manager
  • Michelle Hayes, SDRC Program Specialist
  • Read Bell, Counseling, Psychological, and Wellness Services IT Coordinator
  • Christina Acosta, Student Affairs Office Administrator
  • Mica Hughes-Harrell, Director Wellness Services
  • Maera Bradberry, Business and Auxiliary Services Assistant Director
  • Tony Nguyen, Associate Athletic Director
  • Tasha Talton, Family Programs Assistant Director