Student Learning Outcomes

How do you know what students learn as a result of participating or attending a program? Student learning outcomes (SLOs) answer this and other questions.

Departmental annual assessment plans include a mix of student learning and programs outcomes at the discretion of the director.

Members of the assessment team consult with each director to ensure that the program outcome meets certain criteria (measurable and meaningful) and that there is a plan to obtain data (focus group, pre/post test, etc.).

The division of student affairs has identified 5 competencies (with SLO's at the department level) that can be measured across the division: leadership, communication, vocation/career preparation, integrity/values and healthy behaviors. While not all five are represented in every department, every department can measure at least one SLO. Click on the respective SLO to find out definitions.

The Division of Student Affairs has identified and defined, both conceptually and operationally, the following 5 Competencies:

  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Vocation/Career Preparation
  4. Integrity/Values
  5. Healthy Behaviors