Program Reviews

In the spirit of continuous improvement, departments within the division of student affairs participate in a program review process every five years. The department conducts an internal review based on CAS Standards unless another body governs the contents of such a review (such as the NCAA and athletics).

CAS has published 40 Self-Assessment Guides (SAGs) to provide a basic framework for conducting program self-studies. The SAGs are intended to be altered as needed to meet the needs of individual programs, but all SAGs examine the same 14 core parts: mission, program, leadership, human resources, ethics, legal responsibilities, equity and access, diversity, organization and management, campus and external relations, financial resources, technology, facilities and equipment, and assessment and evaluation. 

The director then convenes an external team, including one context expert outside of UWF, who reviews the internal document and interviews staff and other constituents. A final report is generated with outcomes and action steps that are reviewed on an annual basis with the director's supervisor until the next review cycle.

To provide support and guidance to programs undergoing the review process the Student Affairs Assessment Team recommends a shadowing process. This process encourages staff who will be responsible for upcoming program reviews to observe the steps and processes, become familiar with the self-study process and identify best practices to be repeated.

Program Review Schedule

Program Review Timeline


  • Assessment & Planning
  • Career Services
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • University Commons - Administration & Building Operations
  • University Police
  • Student Health Services


  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Recreation and Sports Services
  • University Commons - Greek Affairs
  • Student Transition Programs


  • Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities
  • University Commons - Student Programming & Organizations


  • Student Disability Resource Center
  • Educational Research Center for Child Development
  • University Commons - Conference Services


  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • University Commons - Student Leadership Program
  • Wellness Services