Metrics provide quantitative, department-level measures of effectiveness. Some of the departmental metrics "roll-up" to the division level and are used to tell the story of the student experience at UWF. Departments are asked to identify the quantitative measures in their areas that they will commit to measuring on an annual basis.

Measurement comes from their own internal record keeping (i.e., number of work orders in housing or patients seen in the counseling and health centers) or through assistance from institutional research (i.e., Greek and athlete average GPA). The measures ought to mean something and influence decision making in some way.

The 2009-2010 academic year serves as the benchmark year and each subsequent year is measured against that year. The change can be positive, negative or neutral (no change). In the department annual report, directors provide an interpretation of changes to metrics and what efforts will be made in the following year to correct any negative metrics.