The Student Affairs Assessment Team is a group of Student Affairs staff interested in learning more about assessment and providing leadership and direction for a strategic assessment program in the Division of Student Affairs.

The Committee membership will be solicited from volunteers from within Student Affairs. Members will be asked to commit to a three-year service term, with the option of recommitting for additional terms.


  1. Implement a cohesive and coordinated assessment program across Student Affairs units;
  2. Guide division-wide assessment projects;
  3. Implement assessment planning, reporting, and evaluation of assessment efforts, including providing feedback to departments on their assessment plans and activities;
  4. Identify a set of common student learning outcomes and areas of impact that are common to and will be assessed by all units;
  5. Ensure that a structure is in place that will produce common data reporting, that all departments have assessment plans, that plans are implemented, that results are reported, and that results are applied to continuous improvement efforts.

Assessment Team Members

Sarah Luczyk
Director of Assessment and Planning for Student Affairs
Robin Zimmern
Assistant Dean of Students
SGA Operations & Student Development Initiatives
Shaun Boren
Associate Director, Recreation
Tara Kermiet
Assistant Director for Leadership and Service
Mary Pittman
Coordinator, Recreation