Note Taking Support

This page contains all the information you need in order to submit a request for Note Taking Support to the Student Accessibility Resources.

Note Taking Support Guidelines

  • Note taking support is provided to students who are registered with SAR and have been approved for this accommodation.
  • Students requesting note taking support must be enrolled in the course for which the notes are being requested.
  • Requests for note taking support must be submitted every semester after the student has assessed the need for each class.
  • Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and to take notes to the best of their ability. Notes are supplemental and do not take the place of attendance.
  • Students must respond to all SAR email correspondence regarding note taking support requests. Failure to respond can delay services.
  • Notes are for students' use only. They are not to be duplicated and distributed to others.
  • Students should NOT ask the note taker for additional services such as tutoring.
  • Students should notify SAR immediately if:
    • The student has recruited his/her own note taker.
    • The student has determined that note taking support is not needed for a particular course or if the student has withdrawn from a course for which notes were requested. Failure to notify SAR can result in suspension of your note taking support pending a meeting with the Director.
    • The student has not received notes in a reasonable amount of time.

Note Taking Support Procedure

  • Complete Enrollment Process with SAR
  • Once the accommodation has been approved, the student should attend class, review the syllabus, and meet with the instructor to determine if note taking support is needed for the course. In certain cases notes may not be necessary when:
    • the class is online
    • notes are available online through e-learning
    • notes are provided by the instructors
  • If note taking is required, the student must submit the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form. To access this form, login to MyUWF and search for "Student Accessibility Resources Accommodate". This link will take you to the SAR Accommodate Student Portal, through which you can access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form.
  • SAR will locate note takers for classes indicated on the request form. The amount of time to process each request will vary depending on the date of receipt of the form.
  • The student must notify SAR at immediately if s/he recruits their own note taker.
  • SAR will notify the student when a note taker has been located.

IMPORTANT: Note taking support is designed to supplement student learning. Having a note taker does not relieve the student with a disability from the responsibility of attending class, actively participating, and taking notes to the best of their ability.

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