Total Credit Hour Checks

screen shot of university credit hour requirement block on SASS audit

In order to receive a baccalaureate degree from the University of West Florida, students must successfully complete at least:

  • 120* semester hours of college course work.
  •   48** semester hours of upper division (3000/4000 level) course work
  •   30 semester hours of this work must be completed at UWF

*Some programs at the University require more that 120 semester hours. These exceptions to the 120 semester hours rule have been approved by the Division of Colleges and Universities. Students in these programs must earn at least 25% of their hours required in the degree at UWF. These programs include:

  • Computer Engineering - 129 semester hours
  • Electrical Engineering - 129 semester hours
  • Fine Arts - 126 semester hours
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences - 126 semester hours
  • BSN - 124 semester hours
  • Some education programs to meet certification requirements

The SASS audits for these programs indicate the increased number of semester hours in this category.

Students seeking an additional bachelor's degree are required to complete at least an additional 30 semester hours and have a bannered SASS audit for the second degree.  See the academic catalog for information concerning additional bachelor's degrees.

**Students must earn at least 48 semester hours to meet the minimum graduation requirements.

  • Some programs have less than 48 semester hours of specified upper division course work.  Students in those programs should consult with their advisor to determine optimal upper division course work that they should take to complete the 48 hour rule.
  • Other programs require more than 48 hours of upper division course work.  Students in those programs must complete all the specified course work.

In the example at the top of this page, the student has completed only the UWF residency requirement of 30 semester hours.

NOTE: Quarter hour courses are not equivalent to semester hour courses. You must multiply the number of quarter hours by two-thirds (0.6667) to determine the equivalent number of semester hours. For example, 30 quarter hours would equal 20 semester hours.