Major Requirements

screen shot of major requirements block on SASS audit

Major requirements generally are courses offered by the major department and include those courses that are directly associated with the major. Minimum grade requirements are usually identified on the SASS audit. Additionally, SASS is programmed to permit only courses meeting the minimum grade requirement to meet the requirement. Courses not meeting the minimum grade requirement appear at the end of the audit in the 'Other Courses' category.

Substitutions or waivers of major requirements are authorized by and entered on the SASS audit by the major department.

In this example, the overall major requirements are not met, thus a 'NO' appears next to "NO 2 ATHLETIC TRAINING - MAJOR REQUIREMENTS 47SH."

- HLP3300 was completed with a grade of A during summer semester 2006 (0605).
- The student is currently registered in HSC3402C (Current semester is Fall 2006, i.e., 0608).
- PET2622 was taken during spring 2006 (0601) at a Florida Community/Junior College. A 'J' in the third segment of the grade field indicates the course was taken at a Florida Community/Junior College.
- HLP3322 and PET3351/L have not been successfully completed.