Interpreting Course Listings

(OK) means the requirement has been met
(IP) means the requirement is in progress. The student is now enrolled in a course that could possibly be used to fulfill or change completion of this requirement, e.g., course may change GPA.
(NO) means the requirement is not met and current course work will not meet the requirement

( + ) means the sub-requirement has been met or is in progress
( - ) means the sub-requirement is not met and is not in progress

The first two spaces of the grade are the actual grade and modifiers ( + / - ). Additionally, pseudo-grades of CW (Course Waiver), RG (Registered - current term in progress), NT (Next Term), or LT (Later Term) are used.
The third space is used to describe the course and/or grade:
A Cambridge Advanced International Certification of Education (AICE)
E Proficiency Exam
I International Baccalaureate (IB)
J indicates course taken at Florida 2 year Community/Junior College
L indicates course taken at non-FL 2 year Community/Junior College
N indicates a course while taken in a non-degree status. Credit will not be automatically accepted toward a degree until a petition for inclusion is approved. Contact the Graduation Officer in the Registrar's Office.
O indicates course taken at non-Florida State University System (SUS) four year institution
R indicates retake of course under grade forgiveness
S indicates course taken at a Florida State University System (SUS) institution other than UWF
T indicates Initial Attempt
Y Advanced Placement (AP)
Z Credit by CLEP


interpreting course listings on SASS audit

*assumes current semester is 200608 (Fall, 2006)