How do I change my SASS audit?

You should speak with your advisor if there are any changes to be made to your SASS audit.

Transfer Courses

Undergraduate courses are placed in your electronic student file when a sealed transcript is received from the institution where the courses were completed. When the SASS system retrieves this data from the UWF student record system on Tuesday and Friday evenings, the courses will display on your audit. Unless the course prefix and number is identical to the UWF requirement, the courses will appear in the "Other Courses" section at the end of the audit. If you have provided a transcript from another institution and the courses are not on your SASS audit, you should contact the Office of Admissions at 474-2230 or by e-mail at

General Studies

If you believe a transfer course should apply toward meeting a general studies requirement, you should contact the University Advising Center at 474-3170 or send an email to UWF courses are automatically coded to fill general studies requirements.

Common Prerequisites, Major and Major Related Courses

Substitution of courses pertaining to the major is done by the department offering the major. You must contact your advisor in the department concerning these questions.