2013-2014 SPARA Investment Proposal Request Form and 2013-2014 SPARA Summary of Unit Proposals Form

Instructions and Forms

SPARA Investment Proposal Form Instructions

Title: Please enter a brief descriptive title for the funding proposal.

Submitted By (Name[s], Unit[s]: Please list the name or names of the person[s] originating the proposal and their respective unit[s].

Date of Submission: Date submitted to the unit[s] and e-mailed to

Description of strategic initiative, investment, or project: Please enter a narrative describing the strategic initiative, investment, or project. This section should typically be 1-2 paragraphs, but more may be provided if appropriate.

Level of Need/Opportunity: Each request should demonstrate financial need after an analysis of current annual and carry-forward resources. Units should consider existing available resources within the unit when requesting additional funds, provide data regarding existing resources, and provide information on what, if any, existing resources could be put toward the proposed initiative, investment, or project. If applicable, units should include benchmarking data to further present the case for funding.

Alignment with UWF Strategic Priorities: Please be specific in referencing the strategic priority[ies] by number. For easy reference, the priorities listed in the UWF Strategic Plan can be located at The initiative, investment, or project may have an impact on more than one strategic priority. Please list all affected strategic priorities in order of greatest impact. The proposal usually will be referenced by the first (or primary) priority on the proposal.

Proposed Action Plan: Please list the key steps regarding how this initiative, investment, or project will be undertaken by the institution, and include a proposed timeline for implementing each step of the action plan. Each step should have sufficient information and clarity to convey the major actions involved in implementation. If action is contingent on other factors, be sure to note these factors at the appropriate steps.

Related Institutional Key Performance Indicator(s): Please list the UWF Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) upon which this initiative, investment, or project is expected to have either a positive or negative impact. Be sure to list all affected KPIs, and indicate when such changes might be expected. For example, adding more advisors may increase retention relatively quickly, but only have an impact on graduation rates in future years.

What success looks like/performance indicators: In detail, describe what success will look like (e.g., resolution of the identified need, benefits, expected/desired outcomes, targets, and return on investment). Describe how one will know if this initiative, investment, or project met or failed to meet desired expectations. Please be specific, and include any anticipated measurable targets.

Methods of Assessment: Describe how the initiative, investment, or project outcomes will be measured. As appropriate, identify any data collection methods, survey instruments, etc., that will be used.

Resources Needed: Provide a listing of all the resources that will be needed to complete the initiative, investment, or project, including money, positions, technology, office space, etc. For the money portion, please provide a sufficiently detailed budget that demonstrates the proposed funding source[s], amount[s], how the funds will be spent, and whether an item is recurring or non-recurring in nature.

Responsible Unit(s)/Individual(s): List the units and individuals responsible for implementing and reporting on the success of the initiative, investment, or project.

Others (internally/externally) who need to be involved in the successful implementation of the action plan: List all others who need to be involved for the successful implementation of the initiative, investment, or project.

Potential hurdles or challenges that might prevent successful implementation:Please describe potential obstacles and any plans to mitigate their impact. 

2013-2014 SPARA Investment Proposal Request Form (Microsoft Word Format)

Summary of Unit Proposals Form Instructions

The 2013-2014 Summary of Unit Proposals spreadsheet should be completed by each unit. The 2013-2014 Summary of Unit Proposals form is considered a cover sheet that summarizes each proposal submitted by the unit. Each column is described below. (Several examples have been provided on the form.)

Proposal # (Column A): The Proposal # will be provided by SPARA support staff. Leave this column blank.

Department(s)/Unit(s) (Column B): Insert the name(s) of the unit(s) submitting the proposal.

Title of Strategic Investment Proposal (Column C): Insert the title used on the SPARA Strategic Investment Proposal Form.

Proposed Investment Amount (Column D): Indicate the amount requested for recurring funds, and indicate the amount requested for non-recurring funds, as appropriate; list these amounts separately.

Proposed Timeline (Column E): Indicate beginning and ending dates for the initiative, investment, or project, as applicable and available.

Link to Supporting Documentation (Column F): Leave this column blank. Send any supporting documentation in the form of a single PDF document to SPARA support staff will establish the link in the summary document.

2013-2014 Summary of Unit Proposals (Microsoft Excel Workbook)