The Dive Deep Sticker

Diving Deep is about exploring your purpose, finding family, and beginning your epic journey. Come on in, the water's fine.

What is the Dive Deep Sticker?

Dive Deep stickers are dry erase and showcase songs that make our community feel fearless. Use the sticker as a conversation starter.

Why should I post a Dive Deep sticker outside my door?

Dive Deep stickers prove to be great conversation starters. Not only can you connect over music, but may have the chance to share your story. 

Who chose the theme?

The 2016 SGA Executive Board chose the theme from a list of 5 suggestions. At the Freshman Finale, the outgoing class will select the theme for the incoming class. 

Where can I send song/sticker requests?

You can send song/sticker requests to the First Year Experience email below: