Student Scholar Symposium

The Student Scholar Symposium features scholarly and creative works produced through collaboration between UWF students and faculty.

Submit an Abstract

All students (graduate and undergraduate) and faculty wishing to share their work with the greater academic community are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration for the Student Scholar Symposium. 

Detailed instructions for submitting an abstract will be released in early Spring 2015.

Research and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides a full array of services to support the UWF research community. They oversee research compliance including the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Research Participants Protection, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and policies related to research misconduct and conflict of interest. They also have a full range of technology transfer services to support licensing and the commercialization of inventions.

Research and Sponsored Programs


SGA has a grant application for student project and travel awards. Please view their site for more information on requirements and deadlines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view my submission?

After you have submitted your abstract, you can view all abstract submissions for symposium online. Details will be provided to you upon submission.

What should I bring the day of the symposium?

If you are scheduled to present a poster, bring your poster on a mounted stand alone board (3'X4' tri-fold poster board recommended). A display table with be provided for you.

Can I have my poster printed and who do I contact?

Students presenting their Honors thesis or projects funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research can have their posters printed with a voucher. It is recommended that you create one slide in PowerPoint with 3' dimension, white background and limited use of color. If you have photos or other images, make sure they are high resolution images to avoid problems with printing. Projects funded by OUR need the  included on the poster. Save the final version as a pdf. Contact Honors or OUR to obtain a voucher for printing. ‌

What should I wear for the symposium?

The dress for the symposium is business casual. Women can wear a dress, skirt or dressy pants suit. Men should wear a shirt with tie and dress pants.

I'm giving an oral presentation or a performance. Who should I contact for scheduling a time?

When you send in your abstract, please indicate if you need a performance or presentation time. Someone from OUR will contact you to see what you need the day of the symposium (i.e. microphone, podium, stage, etc.). It is recommended that you do a check of the AV equipment the day before the symposium. 

What happens if I send in my abstract but I am not able to attend the symposium?

If you are unable to attend the symposium during the scheduled time, please contact OUR as soon as possible. If you have co-authors, try to arrange for someone else to present the project. 

Award stage at Student Scholar Symposium
Student Scholar Symposium

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2014 Award Winners

STEM Graduate Award Josette M Hutcheson, Katelyn Houghton, Christian Riesenfeld, Joseph Moss, Richard Snyder, Wade Jeffrey
STEM Undergraduate Award Tia Boucher, Chris Van Leeuwen, Karen Molek
Social Science/Humanities Graduate Award Kaori Burkart, Carla Thompson
Social Science/Humanities Undergraduate Award Alexis Causey, Jenna Emery, Jocelyn Evans
Techsoft Award Joseph Palmer, Joseph Flaws, Lindsay McCambry, Chris Quesada, Bhuvana Ramachandran
iSpace Award Carlos Lawhead, Nathan Cooper, Josiah Anderson, Laszlo Ujj
Department of Anthropology Breanna Ifland, Greg Cook
Department of Art Meghan Bang, Nicholas Croghan
Department of Biology Matthew Nalley, Se Jung Gregory, Hui-Min Chung
Department of Chemistry Rebecca Kamerman, Aleksandra Golanka, Tim Royappa
Department of Communication Arts Haley Chouinard, Bruce Swain
Department of Computer Science Brett Rowberry, Eman El-Sheikh
Department of Criminal Justice/Legal Studies Kyle Harwell, Zachary Farrington, Kimberly Tatum
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering John Spitznagel, Laura Vunkannon, Alexander Scanlon, Geverson Dossantos, Mohamed Khabou
Department of English and World Languages Terry Griner, Katherine Romack
Department of Environmental Studies - Graduate Claire Lacy, Matthew Schwartz 
Department of Environmental Studies - Undergraduate Peter Tereszkiewicz, Klaus Meyer-Arendt 
Department of Government Dominique Biela, Michelle Williams
Department of Health, Leisure, & Exercise Science Karla Caillouet, Nikolas Hoskins, Ludmila Cosio-Lima
Department of History Caroline Rohe, Derek Zumbro
Department of Interdisciplianry Sciences Elizabeth Lirette, Marie Therese Champagne
Department of Management & MIS Rafael Issac Reyes, Randall Reid
Department of Marketing & Economcics Hannah Bowling, Helena Allman
Department of Mathematics & Statistics Elizabeth Allgood, Anthony Okafor
Department of Phyiscs Arielle Adams, Kenneth DaVico, Aaron Wade
Department of Psychology Kayla Duperrault, Valerie Morganson
Department of Research & Advanced Studies Maureen Howard, Sarah Jonas, Daniel Correa, Robert Barkley, Kym Atwood, Stephen Bridges, Susan Jans-Thomas
Department of Teacher Education Rachel Henry, Amber Sufnar, Giang Nguyen-Nguyen