Funding Opportunities

The Basics

For all awards, the term “research” is to be interpreted as any scholarly or creative activity sanctioned by UWF including, but not restricted to, traditional scientific experimentation, intensive textual analysis, observations of social behavior, or the presentation/creation of artistic works. Although many undergraduate projects may stem from and/or be designed around some aspect of the faculty mentor’s research, they may also develop from the student’s original ideas and interests which are encouraged and guided by a faculty mentor. All submitted projects call for significant scholarly or creative input from the student.

All recipients of student Project and Travel Awards must present a poster, paper or performance during the Scholars Symposium in the spring. Proposals can included poster printing through UWF Printing Services in the estimated budget (estimated cost for a 3’ X 4’ poster is roughly $42).

A detailed, itemized budget must be included. If your project budget exceeds the OUR limit, please provide information on additional sources of funding. If your project does not require the maximum amount, please only request the actual amount needed to complete the project. It may be possible to fund additional awards with the remaining funds.

Submission Deadlines

For Project Awards, OUR will accept applications at least once for research projects beginning in the Fall semester and once for research project beginning in the Spring semester. Funding for Spring 2015 applications will go live mid-October. 

The next project proposal deadline is Monday, November 16, 2015 by 5PM. 

Travel Award applications are accepted on a rolling basis and must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the date of travel.

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