IRB Forms & Documents


Project Application Forms
IRB Application (Word)
For new projects
IRB Checklist Please email your application and all supporting documents to
IRB Handbook Instruction on the IRB application and process
Co-Investigator Form (Word)  Each Co-Investigator/ Other personnel must complete a form
Informed Consent Forms
Adult Consent Form Model (PDF) Sample consent form that includes all required components of informed consent. To be used in research when all participants are 18 years of age or older.
Child Assent Form Model (Word) Sample assent form to be used for research involving participants aged 7 to 17. Note: Assent must be tailored to participant's comprehension level. 
Parental Consent Form Model (PDF) Sample consent form for parents of children aged 7-17 who are participating in research. 
Recorded Media Consent Form Addendum Model (Word)  Sample addendum to adult consent form to be used in cases where the participant will be recorded. This includes use of photography, audio recording, video recording, or any other type of recorded media. 
Online Survey Consent Form Model (PDF) Sample consent form to be used in research involving use of online surveys.
Verbal Consent Model (Word) Sample verbal consent script to be used in the rare cases when written consent cannot be practically used. Use of verbal consent must be approved by the IRB.
Counseling Statements in Informed Consent Forms (PDF)  Statement that can be used in any consent form template to inform the participant of counseling options in cases where emotional distress arises from research participation.
Additional IRB Documents
IRB Practice and Procedures Manual UWF IRB Practice and Procedures Manual
Venipuncture/ Phlebotomy/Blood Draw Request Form Blood draw requests will not be permitted without a completed Venipuncture/ Phlebotomy/ Blood Draw Request Form per UWF Policy SR-05.01-07/16. 
IRB Project Amendment Request Form (Word) A completed version of this form must be submitted to the IRB for approval PRIOR to the modification of a previously approved project. Such modifications could include changes in personnel, recruitment, consent, questionnaires, or procedures.
Continuing Review Form (PDF) Investigators conducting research that has been approved during expedited or full board review must submit a continuing review form annually.

Investigators wishing to extend the duration of their project must also submit a continuing review form when requesting an extension.

Serious Adverse Events or Unanticipated Problems Reporting Form (Word) This form must be submitted to the IRB whenever a serious adverse event or unanticipated problem occurs during the course of an approved research project.
Final Report Questions (PDF) Answers to these questions must be submitted to the IRB following the conclusion of your approved research period.