Graduate Student Research Awards

The goal of the Scholarly & Creative Activities Committee (SCAC) under the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (RSP) is to prepare graduate students by providing both internal funding support & proposal development for graduate level researcher as they progress through their degree program.

The SCAC internal grant program provides supplemental awards to outstanding graduate students in two categories:

Category A – research projects which are required as a condition of the awarding of the applicant's degree
Category B – research projects that are a continuation of a Class A project or a funding request for a new project, & that new project need not be a requirement of the applicants degree program).

This award program is designed to support & encourage research proposals from all the different disciplines at the University of West Florida.

At UWF, research is a creative & ongoing collaboration between faculty & student researchers, administrative staff, business & academic partners, & the community. The results of these partnerships, collaborations, & associations, is an ever-changing & growing relationship between research at the university, the marketplace, & most importantly the community.


To support independent projects and/or research required for degree completion.


Applicants must be graduate degree candidates
In good standings with the University of West Florida

Note: Due to resource limitations, the awarding of these grants is competitive. The University intends to achieve the broadest possible impact with the funds available. Therefore, some applications recommended for funding may only receive partial support. Graduate students should explore other sources of funding prior to applying for this grant. Total funding resources for the academic year will be divided between the two application periods. Applications not selected for funding may be resubmitted in the next application period.

Award Details

  • Total Award Value
    • Up to $1,500 

Guidelines and Instructions

Application Procedures & Guidelines (PDF) 


‌ SCAC Graduate Student Research Award Signature Page (PDF)

SCAC Graduate Student Grant Review Criteria and Scoring Form (PDF)

Submission Links

Apply here using the new electronic application! - Graduate Student Research Award Application

Graduate Student Research Award - Final Report Submission Form

Post-Award Instructions

SCAC Graduate Student Research Grant Investigator Responsibilities (PDF)

Scholarly & Creative Activity Committee Graduate Student Award Recipients 

The committee is so proud of the student research and accomplishments; we encourage you to view all of the past award recipients: Graduate Student Award Recipients

Calendar of Events for Graduate Student Research Awards

Fall 2015
Call for Proposals: Fall 2015
Friday, August 28, 2015
Submission Deadline for Fall 2015 Awards:
Friday, October 2, 2015 at 5:00 PM CST
SCAC Fall 2015 Awards Decision Meeting:
Friday, October 23, 2015
Spring 2016
Call for Proposals: Spring 2016
Friday, December 4, 2016
Submission Deadline for Spring 2016 Awards:
Friday, January 29, 2016 at 5:00 PM CST
SCAC Spring 2016 Awards Decision Meeting:
Friday, February 12, 2016

Fall 2015 Winners

Class A GrantsDepartmentProject Title
Andrea Acosta  Anthropology & Archaeology Period GABII; A Biochemical Study of Skeletons From the 5th Century BC, Italy
Lauren Adlof Exercise Science & Community Health C-Reactive Protein and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Firefighters
Cory Bennett  Exercise Science & Community Health Novel Discovery of Low Volume, High Intensity Cycling Exercise 
Nancy Bridier  Research and Advanced Studies Defining and Measuring Intellectual Curiosity
Kendra Buer  Biology Investigating Effects of Presenilin on Mitochondrial Health
Mariel Crawford  Exercise Science & Community Health Effects of Tradition vs Sumo Deadlift on Lumbar Spine Positioning
Michele Goodfellow  Earth & Environmental Studies Impact of Stream Restoration on Riparian Habitat
Katelyn Knight  Biology Temporal Analysis of Bacertioplankto Community Structure in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Matthew Newton  Anthropology & Archaeology Submerged Archaeology in Blackwater
Ryan Parson  Earth & Environmental Studies Interactions between Seagrass beds and the Water Quality and Biogeochemistry in the Pensacola Bay System, Fl
Paige Plier  Earth & Environmental Studies Biogeochemical Mechanisms affecting Coastal Benthic Invertebrate Populations
Hillary Skowronski  Biology Expanding a Long-term Wintering Waterfowl Survey for Pensacola, FL Estuaries
Talia Smith  Earth & Environmental Studies

Pseudo-Nitzschia Abundance and Domoic Acid Progability Models Utilizing remote Sensing and Oceans Circulation Data Products

Lesley Sommerville  Exercise Science & Community Health Exploring Preservice Teachers' Goals for Teaching and Modeling healthy Weight Practices
Mariana Zechini  Anthropology & Archaeology Beneath Berlin: Using Isotope Analysis to Understand Diet in Pre- and Post-Black Death Individuals
Class B GrantsDepartmentProject Title
Jennifer Knutson Anthropology & Archaeology Absorbed Residue Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics
Mitchell McMillan  Earth & Environmental Studies Predicting Streambank Erosion: Improving Practical Methods
Celia Teel  Exercise Science & Community Health Dominant Leg Electromyographic Comparison of Flipturnpush-off and Maximal Vertical Jump in Collegiate Female Swimmers 
Peter Tereszkiewicz  Earth & Environmental Studies Comparison of Permeable and Impermeable Groin Structures along the Northern Yucatan Coast
Rebecca Varney  Biology

Post-regeneration Telomereelongation in Luidia Clathrata