Services & Incentives for Sponsored Research

Support for Proposal Development

Upon the recommendation of the College Dean, Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) will provide funds to enable a faculty member to prepare a strong proposal for extramural funding. The funds can be used for a course release, student support, travel to meet with a collaborator, etc. Requests are reviewed on a continuous basis. Contact the RSP Grants Specialist assigned to your College for more information.

Request for Research Support (Word)

Indirect Returns to Faculty, Department and College

RSP returns 30% of collected F&A to support research related activities. The typical distribution is 10% to the PI, 10% to the department or research unit, and 10% to the College Dean. Adjustments in the distribution are made for recovered F&A in excess of $25,000 and $50,000. Visit Facilities & Administrative (F&A or Indirect) Costs for more information.

Salary Savings Generated Through External Grants

Faculty may request from the College Dean up to 50% of salary savings generated during the year to be returned in the form of "seed funds" to support research related activities. Salary savings must be generated through external grants/contracts. Contact the RSP Grants Specialist assigned to your College for more information

Salary Supplements

Principal investigators who demonstrate high productivity may request salary supplements for up to 10% of base salary with the approval of their College Dean and the Provost. Supplements may be made for up to three years and may be renewed based on sustained productivity. Funding must be available from seed accounts to cover the supplement. Contact the RSP Grants Specialist assigned to your College for more information.

Scholarly and Creative Activities Funding

The Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee (SCAC) makes awards to faculty and graduate students to support research and creative activities. Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that have the potential to produce externally funded support. Visit SCAC for more information.

Distinguished Research and Creative Activities Award

Up to 4 Distinguished and Creative Activity Awards are made annually to faculty demonstrating high productivity in research. Visit SCAC for more information.

Equipment Matching Fund

RSP may contribute matching funds when required by the Request for Proposals. Matching generally is calculated as a 1/3 share from each of the following: Department, College and RSP. See Cost Sharing (Matching) for more information, or contact your RSP Grant Specialist.

Intellectual Property Disclosures, Patents, and Licensing

RSP is delegated to handle invention disclosures, applications for copyrights, patents, and trademarks, and to assist in commercialization or licensure of technology transfer opportunities. RSP has consultant contracts with an outside nationally recognized technology transfer firm and with local patent and licensure legal counsel. See Technology Transfer (IP) for more information or contact Carol Rafalski at 850-474-2825.

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