Recommended Faculty Reading

These publications, articles, and websites are recommended for UWF faculty interested in learning more about how best to integrate RCR education into their everyday classroom experience.

Teaching Research Ethics - Getting Started: A web publication from professors at University of California-San Diego Research Ethics Program. Discusses ways to integrate ethics education in the classroom and in online environments.

Research on Research Integrity: Materials from 2009 Conference sponsored by Office of Research Integrity; includes presentations comparing effectiveness of various methods of RCR education integration and the manner graduate students become socialized in RCR.

"Ethics Education and Scientific and Engineering Research: What's Been Learned? What Should be Done?": Publication of the National Academy of Engineering that discusses models, resources, and assessment of ethics education and mentoring.

Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum: An online journal maintained by Utah Valley University's Center for the Study of Ethics; the online publication posts new articles and a book review each semester.

Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story by Kendall Haven: collection of research in a narrative format; demonstrates how using stories, real life examples, and case studies can lead to increased understanding of complex concepts (e.g. research ethics)

Also check out these books that have been used in campus-wide book studies sponsored by RSP.

  • 2013 UWF Research Integrity Book Studies
    "Hooked: Ethics, the Medical Profesion, & the Pharmaceutical Industry" by Howard Brody (2006)
    "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley (1818)
  • 2012 UWF Research Integrity Book Study
    "Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010" by Charles Murray (2012)
  • 2011 UWF Research Integrity Book Study
    "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot (2010)