Procedure for Review of Exempt Research

It is the policy of UWF that ALL human participant research and ALL research-related activities involving human participants conducted within or under the auspices of the University, by any faculty, student, or employee, whether or not supported by an external funding agency, be subject to the review and approval of the Institutional Review Board for Human Research Participant Protection (IRB).

Research activities can be categorized into several categories of review-exempt, expedited review, or full board review. These categories correspond with the level of risk the research poses to participants and determine how the IRB review process takes place.

In order to provide an additional measure of protection for human participants, the UWF IRB reviews all research involving human subjects regardless of categorical status. Therefore, "exempt" research must still undergo IRB review. The review will be conducted by the IRB Chairperson or one or more designated members of the IRB such that the application will not be required to submit to full board review.

For additional information about the review of exempt research:

Office of Human Research Protection: Guidance on Exempt Research