Conflict of Interest (COI)

As relationships between academia and private industry continue to grow, it is essential that financial and other relationships with external and internal entities do not create situations that may seem to be in conflict with the values of free and unbiased scientific inquiry.

All University of West Florida personnel and resources must be used for the promotion of the mission of the University and the public interest.  AC-11.02 - 05/13 Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF) establishes safeguards to prevent employees and other University-related individuals from using their positions or relationships with the University for purposes that are or appear to be in conflict with professional conduct; University responsibilities, duties and activities; or the University's interests.

Related Forms
Form - Report of Outside Activity/Conflict of Interest (10/24/13) (PDF) All employees engaging in outside activities requiring disclosure must complete this Outside Activity and Conflict of Interest form.
Form - Use of University Resources in Outside Activity (7/29/10) (PDF) All employees requesting use of University resources in conjunction with Outside Activity must complete this form.