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Faculty at the University of West Florida are active scholars and researchers. UWF values research because it enriches the learning environment of our students, provides solutions to problems in our region, and contributes to the well-being of our community.

Current Awards

November 2014 awards

11/05/2014 Dr. Alexis Janosik, Lecturer of Biology, received $29,366 from the Fish & Wildlife Service for the new project Detection of Imperiled and At-Risk Aquatic Species: Using Environmental DNA. The use of eDNA will be employed to survey at risk or imperiled species throughout aquatic habitats in the state of Alabama. The following species of specific of concern will be focused upon: Alabama shad (Alosa alabamae), Frecklebelly madtom (Noturus munitus), Mooneye (Hiodon tergisus). In addition, monitoring of the Alabama sturgeon and the Gulf sturgeon will continue. Each of these species is at immediate risk and detection is crucial. Additionally, some of these species are known for migrating great distance across their distribution and detection with traditional sampling can be difficult. The goal of conservation efforts for these species is ultimately a captive breeding program, however, this requires that specimens are collected. Detection of the species using eDNA can be used to infer priority localities to concentrate and traditional sampling effort and conservation. Detection of at risk and imperiled species listed (or other opportune species) above using eDNA will identify areas for targeted sampling and conservation. In addition, detection will allow a broader understanding of habitat use by these imperiled species. Contact Dr. Janosik at 850-857-6033 or for more information.

11/07/2014 Mr. Joseph Vincenza, Director of WUWF Public Media and WUWF-TV, received $152,411 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the new project CPB Radio Community Services Grant 2014-2016. This is the annual funding which provides support for the WUWF operations. Contact Mr. Vincenza at 850-473-7451 or for more information.

11/14/2014 Dr. Karen L. Rasmussen, Director of Programs of Applied Science, Technology and Administration, received $216,667 from the US Department of Education for the new project Florida Inclusion Network 2014-2015. The purpose of the Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) is to maintain a statewide network of facilitators working geographically within four regions to assist schools and school districts in the implementation of best practices for inclusive education. All FIN services are provided using a multi-tiered system of support aligned with data-driven problem-solving process and the BEESS Strategic Plan. Contact Dr. Rasmussen at 850-474-2301 or for more information.

11/19/2014 Dr. Jeffrey Eble, Research Associate of Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation (CEDB), received $20,000 from the National Park Service for the new project Gulf Islands National Seashore (Students/Internships). This project is entered into for the placement of undergraduate and graduate students of UWF who provide their services through NPS internships and/or the Federal Work-Study program for stipends, training, and educational experience in the areas of natural and physical sciences, ecology, wildlife biology, history, cultural resources, business, administration, outdoor recreation, hospitality, education, and other related academic study areas at Gulf Islands National Seashore (GINS), Florida District. Contact Dr. Eble at 850-474-2060 or for more information.

Award Archive

UWF chemistry faculty receive $930k National Institute of Health Grant

Research Spotlight

UWF chemistry faculty receive $930k National Institute of Health Grant

The University of West Florida was recently selected to receive a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant totaling approximately $930,000, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Karen Molek, assistant professor and director of Chemistry Scholars, and Dr. Michael Huggins, professor and interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The award money will be distributed over the next five years.

UWF was awarded the Maximizing Access to Research Career Programs through Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research, or MARC U-STAR, grant to provide support for underrepresented undergraduate students pursuing PhD or MD/PhD degrees in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. Learn more

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Graduate Student Research Award Applications Now Available

The Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee (SCAC) is pleased to announce the competition for Graduate Student Scholarly and Creative Activity Grants for the Fall 2014 semester. Graduate students in good standing may now submit applications for independent projects, conference travel or research required for degree completion. Grants of up to $1,000 may be given.

Guidelines and application forms are available now online. The application deadline is 5:00 P.M., CST, October 3, 2014. Proposals not meeting formatting requirements or that are received after the deadline will be ineligible to compete for an award. Questions should be directed to Research and Sponsored Programs at 857-6378,, or visit us in Building 11, Room 110.