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Faculty at the University of West Florida are active scholars and researchers. UWF values research because it enriches the learning environment of our students, provides solutions to problems in our region, and contributes to the well-being of our community.

Current Awards

October 2014 awards

10/02/2014 Dr. Patrick K. Moore, Associate Professor of History, received an additional $3,560 from the Historical Research Associates, Inc. for the project HRA-UWF Next Exit History Development Collaboration. This project will provide assignment of Dr. Patrick Moore to work with the sponsor in development of intellectual property enhancements for commercialization of Next Exit History. Contact Dr. Moore at 850-474-2680 or for more information.

10/02/2014 Mr. Peter Robinson, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, received $81,400 from the US Department of Homeland Security for the new project 2013-2014 Domestic Security K-20 Mass Communications. This project will continue the expansion of the internal building notification speaker system which was begun using 2009 and 2010 Domestic Security Funding. The buildings on the University of West Florida Campus (UWF) were originally built with no ability to notify occupants during crisis situations such as security threats and other types of emergency situations. The continued buildout of this system would allow the UWF Police Department to send immediate audible emergency notification messages to students and staff using the already available campus network system. Contact Mr. Robinson at 850-474-2435 or for more information.

10/07/2014 Dr. Ermalynn Kiehl, Associate Dean of Health and Chair & Associate Professor of Nursing, received $3,000 from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation for the new project APGF-AACN White Coat Ceremony. The UWF Department of Nursing will participate as an inaugural school in the Arnold P. Gold Foundation White Coat Ceremony for Nurses in collaboration with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. UWF is one of 100 schools of nursing selected to receive funding support to pilot White Coat Ceremonies, which are designed to instill a commitment to providing compassionate care among future health care professionals. This ground-breaking program was developed to promote humanistic, patient-centered care among incoming nursing students. Contact Dr. Kiehl at 850-473-7761 or for more information.

10/08/2014 Dr. Matthew C. Schwartz, Chair and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, received an additional $19,960 from the National Park Service for the project CESU Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Multi-Parameter Datasondes and Collection of Water Quality Samples at Gulf Islands National Seashore Yr 2. This project will include two components: (1) the installation, operation, and maintenance of a continuous recording multi-parameter datasonde located within GUIS waters, and (2) the collection of in situ water quality data coupled with grab samples during routine, monthly site visits. Dr. Schwartz will work with one or more of his graduate students to calibrate the sonde sensors (temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity) on both sonde units and then field test the sonde and associated mooring. Both sonde units will be field tested by the end of September 2009 to facilitate deployment by the planned deployment date. Upon deployment of the sonde unit, Dr. Schwartz will coordinate monthly site visits to the data sonde to (1) characterize in situ water column chemistry, (2) collect water column grab samples, and (3) provide the samples to an NPS contracted analytical laboratory. Contact Dr. Schwartz at 850-474-3469 or for more information.

10/13/2014 Mr. Benjamin Stubbs, Associate Director of Student Involvement in University Commons and Student Activities, received $1,000 from Florida Campus Compact for the new project Non-Partisan Issue Based Civic Dialogues. Florida Campus Compact's 2014 Campus Democracy Project is a non-partisan initiative that seeks to promote civil and issue based dialogue, while inspiring leadership and civic responsibility for conscientious citizenship in a participatory democracy, through increased civic education and participation at Florida's institutions of higher education. This initiative does not endorse, promote or support any candidate, issue, platform, or political party. UWF will offer a series of dialogue sessions highlighting political engagement, poverty in Pensacola, and higher education and the 2014 Election Cycle. Contact Mr. Stubbs at 850-474-2402 or for more information.

10/17/2014 Dr. Melanie Diloreto, Instructor of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership, received $5,000 from Academic Partnerships for the new project Student Satisfaction and Perceived Learning in Online Learning Environments: The Mediating Effect of Student Engagement. Studies have shown that course structure and organization, learner interaction, student engagement, and instructor presence accounts for considerable variance in student satisfaction and perceived learning in online learning environments through a range of pathways, although no research to date has tested the mediational relationship identified. The researchers will investigate the structural presence on student satisfaction and perceived learning. Furthermore, this study will explore the differences, if any, in student satisfaction and perceived learning based on whether or not the course is certified by Quality Matters. This study aims to expand upon the existing literature about online learning and the variables that influence student satisfaction and perceived learning. The results of this study should inform practice related to increasing retention and improving the quality of online teaching and learning. Contact Dr. Diloreto at 850-857-6496 or for more information.

10/31/2014 Dr. Debra M. Vinci, Associate Professor in Health Leisure & Exercise Science, received $199,675 from the Florida Department of Health (Escambia County) for the new project Promoting Physical Activity and Nutrition Education (PANE) in Child Care Settings. The Florida Department of Health (FDOH–Escambia) is collaborating with the University of West Florida (UWF) for the “Promote Physical Activity and Nutrition Education in Childcare Settings” (PANE-CS) intervention through this 10 month fixed price—fixed fee purchasing agreement. FDOH-Escambia shall pay UWF for deliverables in accordance with this Statement of Work in an amount not to exceed $199,675.00. Deliverable rates were determined by FDOH-Escambia as necessary to cover reasonable and necessary costs associated with the development, training, and implementation of the PANE-CS intervention. The assessment of needs and current practices in Escambia County and the pilot intervention completed in this project will lead to a sustainable program that can be expanded to additional childcare centers in Year Two. Contact Dr. Vinci at 850-474-2598 or for more information.

Award Archive

UWF chemistry faculty receive $930k National Institute of Health Grant

Research Spotlight

UWF chemistry faculty receive $930k National Institute of Health Grant

The University of West Florida was recently selected to receive a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant totaling approximately $930,000, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Karen Molek, assistant professor and director of Chemistry Scholars, and Dr. Michael Huggins, professor and interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The award money will be distributed over the next five years.

UWF was awarded the Maximizing Access to Research Career Programs through Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research, or MARC U-STAR, grant to provide support for underrepresented undergraduate students pursuing PhD or MD/PhD degrees in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. Learn more

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Graduate Student Research Award Applications Now Available

The Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee (SCAC) is pleased to announce the competition for Graduate Student Scholarly and Creative Activity Grants for the Fall 2014 semester. Graduate students in good standing may now submit applications for independent projects, conference travel or research required for degree completion. Grants of up to $1,000 may be given.

Guidelines and application forms are available now online. The application deadline is 5:00 P.M., CST, October 3, 2014. Proposals not meeting formatting requirements or that are received after the deadline will be ineligible to compete for an award. Questions should be directed to Research and Sponsored Programs at 857-6378,, or visit us in Building 11, Room 110.