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Faculty at the University of West Florida are active scholars and researchers. UWF values research because it enriches the learning environment of our students, provides solutions to problems in our region, and contributes to the well-being of our community.

Current Awards

June 2014 awards
  • 06/03/2014 Dr. Erica Jordan, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Center for Applied Psychology, received $22,897 from the Florida Department of Health (Escambia County) for the project Attack Infant Mortality (AIM) Phase II Community Awareness Campaign. The overarching goal of the AIM project is to address infant mortality disparities in Escambia County. This will be accomplished through the following strategies: 1) conducting an assessment of the psychosocial and health experiences of young women (between the ages of 18 and 40) in Escambia County; 2) training 100 community peer health educators who live or work in the 32505 ZIP code of Escambia County with persistently high infant mortality rates; 3) creating awareness about the issue of infant mortality disparity by partnering with community stakeholders in the high-risk ZIP code, and 4) by implementing a targeted marketing campaign. During the assessment period, it may be necessary to adjust the specific aims of this project. However, the objectives of assessing the experiences of young adult women, training community peer educators, and creating awareness about infant mortality disparity will be achieved. Specifically, the University of West Florida (UWF) and the Florida Department of Health in Escambia County (FDOH-EC) would partner to provide the following: 1)Community Stress Assessment: An evaluation of psychosocial factors and a summary of physical health factors that may lead to increased risk of infant mortality; 2) AIM Training: Training sessions held in the 32505 ZIP code for young adult peer health educators who live or work in the area; and 3)AIM Campaign: A targeted marketing campaign highlighting preventable risk factors related to infant mortality disparities and marketing events with African American professional, faith-based, and community groups in the 32505 ZIP code. Contact Dr. Jordan at 850-474-2689 or for more information.

    06/04/2014 Dr. Jane M. Caffrey, Associate Professor in Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation (CEDB), received $3,814 from Geological Survey for the new project Water Quality in Bang’s Lake: Effects of Recurrent Phosphate Spills to a Coastal Estuary. Two large phosphate spills have occurred from Mississippi Phosphate Corporation (a fertilizer production facility) to the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve's (GBNERR) Bangs Lake since 2005. Following these spills, phosphate concentrations in surface waters rose from near zero to as high as 7mg L-1 and pH dropped dramatically from an average of -7.5 to near 3.7. Less dramatic changes in phosphate concentrations and pH were measured at other regularly sampled stations nearby, and large fish kills also occurred throughout the Reserve. There is also evidence of potential continuous input of phosphate to Bangs Lake from smaller ongoing spills or dry deposition. These events and the obvious biological impacts to the waters of a protected NERR warrant further investigation. This proposal addresses four basic questions developed by the Phosphate Working Group to assess the water quality impacts of repeated phosphate spills on an otherwise relatively undisturbed estuarine ecosystem. (1) What is the fate of phosphorus after a spill (Where does it go)? (2) Is there a detectable preserved sedimentary record of past phosphorus spills? (3) Is there a biological fertilizer effect on microalgal production? (4) Is dry deposition of gypsum particles from the fertilizer plant a source of phosphorus to the Reserve? The proposed research project addresses the Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute's Water Quality research priority area. This project will train six undergraduate students to collect and analyze environmental samples and conduct pertinent experiments using established methods to learn about chemical and biological processes that occur in coastal ecosystems. A graduate student from the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Lab with field and laboratory experience using these methods will be trained to coordinate and oversee much of the work conducted by the summer interns. Contact Dr. Caffrey at 850-857-6089 or for more information.

    06/12/2014 Mr. Michael Myhre, Director of Florida SBDC State Director's Office Network, received $180,000 from the US Small Business Administration to continue the project Veteran's Business Outreach 2014-2015 (Option Yr. 4). Contact Mr. Myhre at 850-473-7802 or for more information.

    06/17/2014 Mr. Ron Northrup Jr., Professional Engineer of Facilities Planning & Construction, received $577,500 from the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the new project Florida 2014 April Panhandle Storm - Emergency Watershed Protection Exigency. The Natural Resources Conservation Service is authorized to assist in relieving hazards created by natural disasters that cause a sudden impairment of a watershed. UWF will install emergency watershed protection measures to relieve hazards and damages created by the Florida 2014 April Panhandle Storm. Contact Mr. Northrup at 850-474-2040 or for more information.

    06/26/2014 Dr. Raid Amin, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, received an additional $24,180 from Sacred Heart Hospital for the project SHHS Statistical Consulting Services. The University will provide statistical consultation services for Dr. Raid W. Amin to work on site with Sacred Heart Health System personnel in statistical methodology and analysis. Contact Dr. Amin at 850-474-3014 or for more information.

Award Archive

UWF chemistry faculty receive $930k National Institute of Health Grant

Research Spotlight

UWF chemistry faculty receive $930k National Institute of Health Grant

The University of West Florida was recently selected to receive a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant totaling approximately $930,000, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Karen Molek, assistant professor and director of Chemistry Scholars, and Dr. Michael Huggins, professor and interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The award money will be distributed over the next five years.

UWF was awarded the Maximizing Access to Research Career Programs through Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research, or MARC U-STAR, grant to provide support for underrepresented undergraduate students pursuing PhD or MD/PhD degrees in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. Learn more

IRB News

The UWF Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Research Participants Protection is pleased to introduce the newest version of the electronic IRB application.

With this new system, researchers can:

  • complete initial IRB applications electronically,
  • save work in progress, and
  • monitor the status of currently approved protocols.

Read Electronic IRB Application Help Sheet (PDF) for instructions and tips for using this new system.

IRB Meeting News

There are no scheduled meetings of the IRB during the months of May, June, or July.

Reviews of projects that are designated as "minimal risk" studies will continue to be reviewed during this time as usual.  

For questions about the review of project which place participants at "greater than minimal risk", please contact Christi Boddiford (850-857-6378).