Enrollment Certification

Enrollment Certifications may be ordered through your MyUWF account

General Information

For information on how to request an enrollment certification, please see Ordering UWF Enrollment Verifications.

Enrollment certification provides proof of enrollment for a student's financial lender, insurance company or sponsor. The official provider of enrollment certifications for the University of West Florida is the National Student Clearinghouse. Certifications can be used for insurance companies, scholarships, good student discounts, prospective employment, and all other services that require proof of being enrolled at UWF.

Each certification that the National Student Clearinghouse supplies is an official University document. Requests through the National Student Clearinghouse are processed immediately and normally the requestor will receive a confirmed enrollment certification via e-mail within minutes.

For enrollment certification to lenders, UWF submits a report of students' enrollment status to the Clearinghouse each week during the semester which, in turn, supplies certification of enrollment to lending agencies. The University of West Florida does not supply this information directly to lending agencies. If a student has registered late or has had an exception processed to the term registration, this information may not be reported until the submission of the next file.

There is no charge for National Student Clearinghouse certifications ordered by and sent to students via MyUWF. Parents or authorized third parties may request an enrollment certification and have a confirmation sent for a fee of $4.00 per certification.

The following are the criteria for classification of enrollment by level of program and semester hours of registration.

Undergraduate Graduate Non-degree*
Fall  or Spring Summer Fall or Spring Summer Fall or Spring Summer
less than half - time 0 - 5.9 0 - 5.9 0 - 5.9 0 - 5.9  0 - 5.9 0 - 5.9
half - time 6 - 11.9 6 - 8.9 6 - 8.9 N/A 6 - 11.9  6 - 8.9
full - time 12 or more 9 or more 9 or more 6 or more 12 or more 9 or more

* Please note that enrollment certification for non-degree student is assessed at the undergraduate level.