UWF Ju-Jitsu Club

Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu trains individuals to utilize these techniques and more modern variations to defend themselves in an urban environment.

Martial Arts Couple Fight

Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu is derived from the traditional Bushikan Jujutsu, which was originally conceived by Samurai to utilize in combat when unarmed and facing armed and armored opponents. Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu employs techniques from various martial arts in order to make students well-rounded and capable martial artists. Not only will participants be able to exercise and work on their strength and conditioning, students will also develop practical skills to keep them safe as well as self-discipline necessary for any form of physical training.

Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu is an all-encompassing style that teaches students to use strikes, throws, takedowns, joint locks and submissions for self-defense and competitive reasons. Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu employs striking techniques found in Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Hapkido. Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu also trains students to utilize traditional Judo and Aikido throws, Wrestling takedowns and takedown defenses, and joint locks, submissions and ground work utilized in Judo, Wrestling, and both JJJ and BJJ.

Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu classes and practices are held in the HLS Facility. Anyone is welcome to join, experience is not necessary in any martial arts but those with experience are more than welcome. If students are looking to get in shape, as well as learn self-defense techniques or to acquire martial arts knowledge, Cyberdo Ju-Jitsu is a great environment for them to do so.

Come ready to work hard and play hard. No Gi necessary (though always encouraged).

UWF Ju-Jitsu Club
Practice Schedule
Monday 8-10pm HLS Facility, Blue Studio
Wednesday 8-10pm HLS Facility, Blue Studio 

Caitlin Schultz

Competitive Sports Graduate Assistant

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