Sport Clubs

The Sport Clubs program offers participants a wide range of recreational, instructional or competitive teams to bridge the gap between Intramural Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics. Those participants with similar interests are given the opportunity to work together on a team in an organized recreational activity. Teams are then offered the chance to practice and compete at a specialized level.


Dance Pura Sabrosura Running Surf
Fencing Quidditch Sailing Ultimate Frisbee
Handball Rugby - Men's SCUBA Wakeboard/Waterski
Jiu-Jitsu Rugby - Women's Shotokan Karate

All teams are managed by students.

Under the direction of the Graduate Assistant of Sport Clubs in Recreation & Sport Services, clubs are given the opportunity to shape their own unique atmosphere. Membership for any sport club is open to all current University of West Florida students. Each club welcomes new members and there are no try-outs.

Sport Club Handbook

Please read the Sport Club Handbook for policies and procedures to start and successfully run a UWF Sport Club.