Climbing Wall FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our climbing wall.

What are the different types of climbing?

Yes, there's more than one kind of climbing. We offer two types of climbing in the Center. Top-rope refers to the rope being already installed through the top of the wall so a participant can focus on climbing and the rope is kept tight to protect from falls.

What is Belaying?

"Belay" is the French word meaning "to secure", and it refers to the safety system used to protect climbers when high on the walls. During open climb, participants are expected to provide proper belaying, not staff, so participants must come with or find partners to take turns belaying and climbing. Belayers must learn their skills by taking a beginner climbing course and/or following our belay card system.

How tall is the wall?

The wall is 36' tall! It also has about 50' of traversing along the bottom and around the corner, as well as bouldering.

What's that metal & wood structure on the floor?

That weird looking thing is a bouldering cave, which means you climb up the inside and then drop down onto a matt. No rope necessary.

What's the hardest way up?

Using any holds you want, the hardest section for most people is the big overhang in the middle with the recreation logo on top.

What equipment do I need?

All specialized equipment is included at no charge. You just need to wear active clothing providing full range of motion.

What's all that tape on the walls?

The tape is labeling different routes to the top. All the holds, and the wall panels themselves, can be moved around to change the wall, but routes add that much more variation for climbers. Use only the holds labeled with a certain color to complete that route.

How strong is the rope?

Our ropes are designed and manufactured specifically for climbing. You may notice them stretching a little when a climber falls ? this is normal, and among other things helps cushion the climber. In terms of just weight, our ropes can hold approximately 7,000 pounds!

What if I'm afraid of heights?

Welcome to the club! Fear of heights is normal, and facing that fear is very rewarding for most climbers. Don't worry, you don't have to climb to the top!

How much is it?

Open climbing is FREE to anyone with access to the facility. Group events do have veryreasonable charges.

Who can use the wall?

The Climbing Center is located in the HLS Facility, and participants not involved in a group event must have access to the Facility in order to use the Climbing Center. See the HLS Facility Policies for further details.