Room Rental

The HLS Facility has a variety of activity spaces that are available to the UWF Community.

  • pedagogy gym

    Pedagogy Gym

  • teaching gym

    Teaching Gym

  • recreation gym

    Recreation Gym

  • green studio

    Green Studio

  • blue studio

    Blue Studio

  • field house

    Field House

More Information

For more information on scheduling or to schedule an event, contact Jeff Schmitt, Associate Director of Facility Operations at (850) 474-2809 or


For Recreation Facility Rentals please pay here.

Please be Aware

Although there are set hours of operation for the different facilities, these spaces also have scheduled events including classes and athletic practices that take place during their access hours. Scheduled events take precedence.

To find out when these events may occur, please check calendars that are located on entrances to each area. 

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