Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding Recreation and Sports Services.

Who can work-out in the HLS Facility Fitness Center?

UWF Students, Faculty, and Staff have FREE access with a current Nautilus Card. Membership passes are available as follows: 

UWF Alumni Monthly Semester Annual
Membership $35 $100 $250
Household Member $35 $100 $250
UWF Student Monthly Semester Annual
Household Member $25 $75 ***
Not Enrolled $25 $75 ***
Additional Classification Monthly Semester Annual
UWF Retiree $0 $0 $0
Household Member of Faculty/ Staff/ Retiree $25 $75 $185
FSU Medical Student $25 $75 ***
Leisure Learning Society $40 $125 ***

** Must have attended UWF the semester prior.
*** Not available.



Who can obtain a Guest Pass?

HLS members may sponsor two (2) guests per visit, for a guest over the age of 16. Guests over 16 must have an i.d. present. Guests 16 or younger must be accompanied by an adult and cannot use the upper or lower fitness centers, or group fitness classes.  Guest passes can be purchased at the Customer Service Desk for $8.00 per day. The sponsoring member must leave his/her nautilus card at the Customer Service Desk and the guest must leave a form of picture ID at the Customer Service Desk (military or driver's license). The sponsoring member must accompany his/her guest at all times and is responsible for the guest's actions. The guest may leave the facility at any time without the sponsoring member. The sponsoring member may not leave the HLS Facility without the guest.

What is considered appropriate attire for the HLS Facility Fitness Center?

Patrons must wear proper work-out attire. Every user must wear a shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes. Jeans and cut-off shorts are not permitted. Mid-drifts sections and chests must be covered. Shoes must be protective, closed-toe athletic shoes; no sandals, clogs, or boots.

Are towels required for the HLS Facility Fitness Center?

Yes! Towels are required when working out in the Fitness Center. You can bring your own towel from home or check out a towel from the customer service desk with your nautilus card.

Can I bring food and beverages downstairs in the HLS Facility?

Plastic water bottles are fine, but to keep our facility looking as clean as possible we ask that all patrons please consume any food and beverage items before coming downstairs to workout.

How do I get started on an Incentive Program?

Getting started is EASY! Sign-up and collect a logbook at the lower-level Fitness Center Desk, keep track and log your work-outs in the logbook by having a Fitness Center Employee date and initial your book after each workout and/or group fitness class attended. Our current incentive program is called ArgoFit.

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