League Schedule

Intramural Sports provide the students, faculty, and staff of UWF with the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports in a safe environment; to promote and provide quality service, facilities, and equipment; to facilitate the opportunity for enjoyable experiences; to nurture and celebrate the wholesome and worthwhile use of leisure, healthy lifestyles, and wellness; and to create opportunities for the growth and development of all participants.


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Spring 2015 Semester
  Registration Season
Basketball  1/1-1/13 1/21-2/10
Racquetball  1/5-1/28 2/2-2/20
Ultimate Frisbee  1/14-2/4 2/10-2/19
Tennis  2/23-3/9 3/16-4/16
Golf Tourney  TBA TBA
Soccer 3/2-3/26 3/30-4/2
Kickball 3/10-3/27 4/6-4/16

Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures

Intramural Sports Handbook (pdf)

Intramural Sports Rules

Soccer Rules

Intramural Officials and Referee Information

Interesting in becoming an official or referee? Look for openings found on UWF's Human Resources website.

All-American Officials