How to Participate

Information concerning all intramural activities is available on the web or in the Intramural Sports office between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday, in building 72/282A, call (850) 474-2539 or e-mail

How to Register

You may register for Intramural Sports tournaments and leagues at

Free Agents

Individuals desiring to play in a team sport, but who are not affiliated with a full team, may contact the Intramural Sports Office and sign up as a free agent. You may also come to registration and put your name on the free agent list.  Team captains who need players are encouraged to draft players from the free agent list   Those on the free agent list are encouraged to attend the captain's meeting for the sport they wish to play.  At that time you may be picked up by a team captain who needs players, or form your own team with other free agents.