Mike Peltier Personal Trainer Photo

Mike Peltier

  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness/Wellness

Hometown: Providence, RI
Certification(s): International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
Education: A.A. Exercise Science

Michael was born and raised in Rhode Island, he left in 2009 when he joined the United States Marine Corps. During his active enlistment, he completed his certification and began to implement his knowledge by assisting in a body composition program to get service members back into height/weight standards. Michael has also been involved in combat sports for majority of his life and continues his training at a local gym where he also works as a personal trainer. Michaels passion for fitness and health has led him to UWF where he is majoring in exercise science with a focus of athletic training. This path has ultimately lead him to becoming a trainer at the college where he is excited to share his knowledge and help individual meet and surpass their health goals.

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