Class Descriptions

For more information contact: Liz Hedrich

Anything Goes (level 2-3)- Stay on your toes with anything goes. Each class will offer a new and exciting woking. Whether it is HITT, core, cardio, or strength you will be sure to get the most out of your 30 minutes in this class.

Body Sculpt (level1-3)- In this class you will build and sculpt muscles, strengthen your core, improve your strength and your flexibility! Utilizing HIIT cardio between strength exercises is a sure fire way to get you the best workout for burning fat and building muscle all at once. 

Boot Camp (Level 1-3)- A fun filled, high intesntiy class that incorporates weights and cardio. You will get the most out of this hour and meet new people who love fitness just like you.

Core Cycle (Level 2-3) – Combining cycle and interval training with an emphasis on core. You are sure to have a fun, calorie burning work out in Core cycle. Be ready for battle ropes, crunches, and hill climbs in this class guaranteed to deliver an amazing full body workout.

Ju Jitsu (level 1-3)- Keep safe, have fun, learn martial arts, and get in physical shape while staying within your comfort zone. Learn skills that will serve you a lifetime. A great sport, which can be, applied in everyday life situations.

Rock Hard Abs (level 1-3)- This class offers innovative exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal, oblique, and lower back muscles. It is an ideal addition to another class, or can be taken alone.

Short Circuit (level 2-3) – Short on time? Need a quick total body work out? Short circuit is your best bet! High intensity interval training at its best. This class utilizes body weight exercises, weight lifting, and cardio in a time sensitive format so you can get back to your daily schedule.

Spinnerval (levels 1-3)- A high intensity cycle class paired with weight intervals for an awesome total body workout.

Washboard30 (level -1-3) – A group fitness class that targets the abs. This class is designed to strengthen the abdominal, oblique, and lower back muscles in a fun and engaging way!

Yoga with Alisha (level 1-3) – Vinyasa power flow that joins breath with movement. Unifying mind, body, and breath while promoting strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga with Dana (level 1-3)-  An open level yoga practice focusing on core strength and flexibility. Build balance as you work towards mental clarity with this high-energy class. All fitness levels welcomed.

Yoga with Jennifer (level 1-3) -  Jennifer's classes are energetic and uplifting, allowing room for lightness and positivity to your poses and inner self throughout the hour. A Hatha meets Vinyasa style yoga practice with breath, balance, strength, ease, cleansing and healing. Ending class with the feeling of happiness that radiates through your mind and body



Level 1: For those who are new to Group Fitness programs and/or exercise programs.

Level 2: For those who are familiar with Group Fitness programs and have some experience with exercise programs

Level 3: for those who are active in Group Fitness programs and are currently involved in an exercise program.


For more information, please contact Taylor Middlebrooks at (850) 474-2815, or talk with a Group Fitness Instructor.