Class Descriptions

For more information contact: Liz Hedrich

Aqua Cycle (level 1-3)- A cycling experience in 4' of water that harmoniously pairs the challenge of high-intensity cardio and full-body toning with the natural healing properties of water. The pressure of water speeds up blood circulation, making your body a lean fat-burning machine.

Body Sculpt (level 1-3)- In this class you will build and sculpt muscles, strengthen your core, improve your strength and your flexibility! Utilizing HIIT cardio between strength exercises is a sure fire way to get you the best workout for burning fat and building muscle all at once.

Boot Camp (Level 2-3)- will be a combination of tabata, power, resistance, and ab circuit training. It is suitable for the beginner as well as the advanced. This class will be an fun filled class that will really whip you into shape. Also, no two classes will be the same, so it will never be boring or repetitive! If you're ready to challenge your body, have fun, and meet more motivational people like yourself then stop by for an amazing workout!

Core Cycle (level 1-3)- A combination of spin, abs, and strength - giving you a total body workout that ensures you burn calories and build muscle every class. Simple, effective, and you control the intensity. It’s up to you to find and push your limits, so come to Core Cycle and show you what you got!

Crunch Time Cardio (level 1-3)- This class is short and sweet. It’s a high energy class that uses body weight, weight lifting, and cardio exercises to make sure you get the best workout in the shortest amount of time. We all have busy schedules, and we know time is valuable. Crunch time cardio is a time sensitive class that get the job done so you can get back to your busy lifestyle.

Cycle 60 (level 1-3)- Start your day off right with an hour of pure cardio, set to upbeat and motivating music.

Get Low Kardio (level 1-3)- Set to hip-hop songs,Get Low Kardio is a sexy, high-intensity cardiovascular workout helps you sculpt a lean dancer's body and improve your coordination. It's like dancing in a club with your friends, but with no regrets! All fitness levels welcomed. Created and taught by Sloane Cox, a former Zumba instructor who has a B.A. in Dance.

Hardcore (level 1-3)- Are you ready to tone that body? Work your core like never before in HardCORE where we will push you to your limit with a quick pace and exciting workout. Exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back will be done in order to improve posture, balance, and overall quality of life. To accomplish these goals, equipment ranging from medicine balls to BOSU balls will be implemented so that you never plateau and can keep seeing results!

Insane Cycle (level 2-3)- This is a high-intensity cycle class with guaranteed results. You’ll be challenged, burn a ton of calories, and have a great time!

Insanity (level 2-3)- Prepare for a great workout that does a series of plyometric, strength, and agility exercises in order to EXCEL in your fitness goals. Insanity uses MAX interval training to increase cardiovascular fitness and burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently.

Ju Jitsu (level 1-3)- Keep safe, have fun, learn martial arts, and get in physical shape while staying within your comfort zone. Learn skills that will serve you a lifetime. A great sport, which can be, applied in everyday life situations.

Just Dance (level 1-3)- Ever been at an event that was playing a popular dance song and was nervous to join in because you didn’t know the dance? This class teaches dancers popular songs such as thriller, wobble, cha-cha slide, and others while getting a great workout! A variety of dance styles are taught in this class to anyone who enjoys dance. It is similar to Zumba, but it uses more modern music. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

Plyoga Fitness (level 1-3)- Combines the quick and explosive movements of Plyometrics (agility and stamina) with the docile and static movements of Yoga (focus and flexibility). It allows you to move in and out of your fat burning and anaerobic zone. PLYOGA FITNESS will allow you to meet and exceed your fitness goals faster than you thought possible using yoga as active recovery. PLYOGA FITNESS is for every one of all fitness levels! PLYOGA FITNESS works as a catalyst to merge participants with a "YES I CAN" attitude! PLYOGA FITNESS is proof YOUR BODY IS POWER!

Piyo (level 1-3)- A choreographic hybrid, athletic workout, which combines Pilates, yoga, sport stretches and strength training, and dynamic movement. A fun and rewarding full-body workout that will keep you constantly moving.

Rock Hard Abs (level 1-3)- This class offers innovative exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal, oblique, and lower back muscles. It is an ideal addition to another class, or can be taken alone.

Self-Defense (level 1-3)- Learn to protect yourself in an interactive way at this lunch time self-defense class.

Turbo Kick (level 1-3)- Provides participants a safe, effective, and fun cardiovascular workout that utilizes kickboxing, boxing, and hip hop style moves and combines them with constant aerobic movement and predetermined transitions for the purpose of exercise.

Yoga with Adam (level 1-3) – Cultivate concentration, boost blood flow, and forge flexibility with logical posture sequencing, mindfully taught at varying speeds for each participant’s personal level of practice. All levels are welcome.

Yoga with Dana (level 1-3)- An open level yoga practice focusing on core strength and flexibility. Build balance as you work towards mental clarity with this high-energy class. All fitness levels welcomed.

Yoga with John (level 1-3)- This class is geared toward the new and improving yogi’s. It offers many variations of poses, focusing on improving strength, flexibility, and balance.

Level 1: For those who are new to Group Fitness programs and/or exercise programs.

Level 2: For those who are familiar with Group Fitness programs and have some experience with exercise programs

Level 3: for those who are active in Group Fitness programs and are currently involved in an exercise program.

For more information, please contact (850) 474-2815, or talk with a Group Fitness Instructor.