Fitness Center Information

The Fitness Center is a 10,000 square foot facility that is made up of two levels.

Fitness Center Facts

The Lower Level houses the selectorized and free weight equipment. The Upper Level includes an 1/8th mile indoor track that offers alternating views of the 36-foot rock climbing wall, the Rec Gym, the scenic woods outside, and the Upper and Lower Levels. The Upper Level also includes (12) 32-inch LCD monitors offering Broadcast Vision to participants using the cardio equipment.

Music in the Fitness Center will include the following radio stations: Alternative Workout Mix, Pop Workout; Top 40 Workout; Classic Rock; Rap; Rock Hits. All stations are on shuffle all day and does not change.


ArgoFit is an incentive program designed to keep individuals motivated with a consistent workout schedule at least three to four workouts per week. Participants receive prizes for their consistency.


Argo Weight Club

The Argo Weight Club is a FREE incentive program designed to keep you motivated to increase your strength. You may try out at any time throughout the semester. 

Argo Weight Club

Miles High Club

After each cardio workout, log your miles and have a Fitness Monitor sign off. Use any machine that tracks mileage; treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, stair steppers, rowers and arc trainers.

Miles High Club

The Toughest Argo

If you think you have what it takes to be named the “Toughest Argo” join the competition and test your fortitude! 

The Toughest Argo

How Clean is Your Press? (January 4-January 31)

The clean and press is one of the best examples of raw physical strength and explosiveness. Join this incentive program in lower fitness. 

How Clean is Your Press?

The Forrest Gump Run (January 4-March 13)

If you just feel like running, this cardio based incentive program is for you! Run the entire length of The Florida Keys. A Fitness Monitor can track your progress.

The Forrest Gump Run

Gameday Crawl (Febuary 1-6)

It's Super Bowl week! Get in game mode with this fun and challenging incentive program. This will test competitors’ muscular endurance and cardiovascular load. Talk to a Fitness Monitor to get started.

Gameday Crawl

Shoulders of Bybon: Overhead Press (March 28-April 17)

Paying homage to Bybon's feat of strength, contestants will complete challenging seated overhead presses.  Join this incentive program in lower fitness. 

Shoulders of Bybon: Overhead Press

Fitness Center Rules

  • No bags or extra clothing in workout areas.
  • Children under the age of 16 are prohibited to use the facility.
  • MUST have a TOWEL to use fitness facility.
  • Food/drink/tobacco prohibited. Patrons are allowed to bring in water bottles.
  • Please wipe equipment after use.
  • Report any damaged areas.
  • Collars required on free weight equipment.
  • Disorderly or unsafe conduct as deemed by the F.C. Supervisor is not permitted.
  • No dropping of weights.
  • Must wear proper workout attire.
  • Every user must wear a shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes at all times. Shoes must be protective, closed-toe athletic shoes; no sandals, clogs, or boots.
  • Jeans and cut-off shorts are not permitted.
  • Workout at your own risk.

Fitness Center Equipment

Lower Fitness Center
Selectorized: Nautilus Nitro Plus - 27 pieces
Free Weight: Nautilus XPload
(4) Supine benches (2) Smith Machines
(2) Incline benches (2) Cable Crossovers
(2) Decline benches (1) T-bar Row
(2) Military Press benches (1) 45 degree leg press
(2) Squat Racks (1) Seated Calf Raise
(2) Power Racks (13) Utility benches
Olympic Plates: Iron Grip Urethane
(4) 100 lb plates (70) 10 lb plates
(100) 45 lb plates (70) 5 lb plates
(60) 35 lb plates (50) 2.5 lb plates
(60) 25 lb plates  
Fixed Curl & Barbell Sets: Iron Grip
1 Set (20-80 lbs) Fixed Curl Bars 1 Set (20-100 lbs) Fixed Barbells
Bars: Hampton
(16) Olympic Bars (6) E-Z Bars
Dumbbells: Iron Grip Urethane
3 Sets (5-65 lbs) 5 lb. increments 2 Sets (70-115 lbs) 5 lb. increments
(2) Hampton Beauty Bell Dumbbell Sets (3-30 lbs)
Upper Fitness Center
Check out the new Cardio Equipment available this Fall!
(2) Cybex Total Body Arc Trainers (2) Precor AMTs
Spinning Bikes
(2) Schwinn IC Pro (upper fitness)
(20) Schwinn IC Pro (for Group Fitness Cycling classes in the Blue Studio)
(8) Precor 546i
(5) Precor 556i
(5) Cybex Arc Trainers
Upright Bike
(5) Lifefitness 95Ci
(5) Stairmaster 4600PT
(1) Stairmaster Stepmill
Recumbent Bikes
(8) Lifefitness 95Ri
(2) Concept II Model D
(12) Lifefitness 95Ti
(6) Woodway Mercury S
Upper Body Ergometer
(1) SciFit Pro 1000