QEP Timeline

January 2013:

  • Form Topic Steering Committee
  • Develop Timeline
  • Initiate Communication Plan

March 2013:

  • Launch QEP website
  • Announce Intent to Select QEP Topic Concept Papers

April/May 2013:

  • Identify, collect, and review existing sources that may suggest issues appropriate for QEP topic
  • Develop internal rubric for assessing topic viability
  • Using issues identified from extant sources and from the submitted Topic Concept Papers, apply the viability rubric to craft a focused list of potential topics

August to October 2013:

  • Engage in sifting process to identify several potential topics

October/November 2013:

  • Engage in broad based review and discussion to narrow pool of potential issues to a single topic
  • Include considerations for appropriate planning team (based on topic and any special knowledge, skills or aptitudes of planning team membership)

December 2013:

  • Announce final selection of Topic and QEP Planning/Writing Team

January 2014:

  • Begin planning and drafting Quality Enhancement Plan, including planning for resources and organization necessary for successful implementation
  • Initiate appropriate proposals via SPARA process

January 2014 to December 2014:

  • Communicate progress and solicit feedback from leadership and key constituents

January 2015:

  • Submit Quality Enhancement Plan

March 2015:

  • SACSCOC Site Visit

July 2015:

  • Initial Budget Allocation (FY16) for QEP 2015

December 2015:

  • SACSCOC Decision About Reaffirmation
  • Begin full implementation of QEP2015